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An earthquake measuring a perfect 10 on the ritcher scale has hit Petaling Street. The whole place has crumbled with too many earth shattering blogs about the other real the earthquake.

Even sexy blogs like the Hustler has earthquake tones like:
BrEaKinG Up iS HaRd-To-Do….

Notice the word – Breaking up?

And one blogger brought his “naturally made chocolate swirling” into Petaling Street.

So, shall we give a breath of fresh air to PPS? Let’s blog about our cats, dogs, goldfishes or something instead of earthquake?

This writer, having survived two earthquakes in Penang, has this important community messages :

1) Earthquake musn’t happen late at night. Couples romancing may mistaken the real tremors to self-activated shakes caused by ber-asmara-ing. The dizziness and swaying movement from Mother’s Nature may be mistaken for the big O.

2) Women must wear their bras to sleep or else risking being ogled by the neighbourhood apeks. This is a kisah benar dan gempar. It happened in my neighbourhood.

Heeheee, the last quake, I wasn’t wearing contact lenses. This time, I am prepared with contact lenses and something else. Hence, I can smirked at other women who just stumbled out of bed, braless, standing in the open ground with the whole neighbourhood.


On an unrelated topic, someone gave me a very flattering flattery. (It this how SAHM is supposed to write?) She placed me high up with Jeff Ooi, Doc and Mike’s blogs. Though she threw rotten eggs at me, I feel good! Thanks! But too bad, I am not going to quote your blog ‘cos you won’t get a chance to get referrals from my very hot blog to your mini one. Nyek…..

15 thoughts on “Breaking news of the day

  1. Hi!!!! Minishorts, thanks a lot! Errmmm…I never been to your blog ‘cos the name sounds so ‘threatening’ mah. My legs no longer can fit into mini shorts mah. Hahaha!

    Chrissy – You can start posting and reading again! Good.

  2. Hey there Lilian, In keeping with the earthquake at PPS, perhaps I should put up a blog with the heading “I did not feel the earth move.” Muahahahaha. Still got my humour you see, only a little bit darker now. :PpP

  3. havent visiting PPS for quite some time since they went down few days back. i’m shaken by this bunch of work already. i dont need any earth quakes at this moment.

  4. MG! Glad to see you around. Dark humour or whatever, keep laughing.

    Hazel – Gempak tau? Even MMB pun dah gempak.

    Minishorts – Thank you for dropping by twice! So flattering.

  5. Ya loh, today petaling street flooded with earthquake news, everyone trying to be CNN.. Ppl think that the news might attract ppl mah.

  6. Thanks! But too bad, I am not going to quote your blog ‘cos you won’t get a chance to get referrals from my very hot blog to your mini one. Nyek…..

    i just happened to surf over from her blog and from the few times i’ve read you, i find you very shallow and petty. i was amazed to read a comment somewhere that you still remember the flame war we had. that’s really pathetic, coz i don’t even remember it until today. i’m sorry but i had a good laugh about that.

    and here you are…with your usual clique, doing the reciprocal comments thing to artificially inflate your comments and gossip about other bloggers as if that’s the real world. your insecurity about maintaing your traffic stats is pathetic. i don’t see you writing for yourself. i write for myself, i love to read through the past year and remember things i’ve forgotten i’ve done.

    that last statement you made just shows your insecurity about blog traffic. she’s been blogging for a long time, and i don’t think you’ve seen her stats, and yet you make a statement like that.

    you think you’re a big league blogger?

    you’re just spamming your “clique” of bloggers for reciprocals. at least she’s not stooping that low just to get traffic. i don’t like petty, gossipy people like you, and i’m not going to pretend i do. i’m sure the feeling is mutual.

    i’m just dropping by to tell you that just coz you have a clique of similar minded newbie bloggers doesn’t make you a high profile one, which you think you are. i saw your stats, and just to bring you down a peg, it’s really nothing to write home about.

    take care auntie, i have a feeling not many people enjoy poisoious personalities like yours. i have a feeling you’re the kind of person who gets off other people’s problems. there’s nothing much i hate more than a person like that. see ya.

  7. Oh wow, huai bin, I haven’t met a male blogger as long winded as you. Makes reading comment board interesting. Please come by often, I love reading your ramblings, even when they don’t make sense and sound much more bitchy than a girl’s rantings.

    BTW, have I thanked you the other day for blogging about me in your blog and received comments from people whom I do not know who speaks up on my behalf? I have never seen a thing like this before, people telling you off in your own blog over something you try to get me to respond.

  8. kanasai. EVERYONE who I BOMBED in that site was worth mentioning.

    Seriously. Chill. Chill. Auntie Lilian, that HB memang has been like that for AGES and AGES. OK? You’ve got to thicken your HIDE lagi then you’ll make your way up to the biggie.

    BTW, after today I’m back to the humdrum of office life. I can’t wait. AND THERE’s BLOGGER’S MEET TONIGHT AT HAPPY GARDEN KL. If got AirAsia ticket, just fly all the way down for a cup of hot tea, just on me…

  9. Sorry.. meant to post this earlier.. but got so caught up with preparing for our trip in the city. .and then Chloe got fever.. bummer..!!
    anyways.. i hope you and yer family are safe.. *hugs*..

  10. damn, why these thing never happened in my neighbourhood? I would’ve take some pictures of the braless ladies standing on the street with my D70.

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