Guys…do you need another ‘I have my period’ tale?

As it is you don’t understand how it feels, the headaches, cramps, the feeling of blood either ozzing down like a leaky faucet or a gushing like niagara falls, depression, anxiety, and later on carrying a big bundle for 9 months and childbirth (I heard it was akin to menstrual cramp but a hundred times magnified).

Don’t blame us, blame it on our hormones.

Wait, I didn’t write that. I picked it from somewhere. It is the 4th time today I read about women complaining about period and hormones.

Damn, this is getting nauseating. Why can’t women just shut up and get on with life? Do they have to tell every explicit details? Come on! One or two female bloggers wrote about it, it is amusing. Three or four bloggers wrote, it starts to get boring.

Tens and dozens? I wish you are all barren, with no womb, no period. Half male-half female. Shemale. Or you have some rotting vaginas and then, you will have better tales to tell.

I want to use the F word but I cannot place it side by side with God. So, here goes *replace cuss words* God gave us women a womb. So appreciate it. There are pads and there are tampons. So use it. To stuff the mouth.

Guys, do you all really need to see on public domain, i.e. the internet about women and periods? Girls, do you all think the men are going to empathise? No, women. It gives us a bad name. And yet, some women rights-wannabe still want to fight for gender equality. You can’t even handle a leaking vagina once a month. They have to handle something else that leak all the time!

BTW, nyek, none of what any of you said are going to get to me. You can point fingers at PMS, menopause, hormones, old age, senile, anything. But they won’t get to me ‘cos I am just so, so blardy right about this. Don’t argue.

PMS – Personaliti Masuk Syaitan.
If you are old enough to get your period, you are old enough to use your brain to control your own actions and reactions.
~5xmom, Whom had sex more than you have pimples~

21 thoughts on “Guys…do you need another ‘I have my period’ tale?

  1. finally! someone has speaketh! I’m SOOOOOOOOO sick of these ppl complaining abt PMS, PMS, PMS, PMS…in fact even I’m thinking I’m better off reading The Star Classifieds instead. At least no PMS in there!

  2. I have blood gushing out my arse. Do you rather I blog about it?

    Girls, we get it. We are sensitive being too. šŸ™‚

  3. Another great post. (Now where did I learnt that one from?)

    Yup I also noticed heaps pms posts ‘flowing’ out of pps in the recent days. Thank goodness Lilian, for your post and hope it might help put a stop to it, otherwise we might just have to use one of those mooncup thingo to plug em! kekeke (& Ewww!)

  4. Yes… finally -_- for goodness sake… its like dat time of da month is just an excuse to act like a bloody baby… give us girls a bad name nia

  5. I think right, I know why I get so moody when I kena PMS. Oklah..maybe the hormones affect me also but I think…it’s because…

    you know when period wanna come, usually pimples will popup, tummy bloated, you look fatter somehow (even if it’s all in the mind), skin so dry…in short…I feel like shit and I think I look like shit when my period is coming…

    and because of that, I prefer to isolate myself no thanks to my grumpiness because of my self esteem that goes down to 0 during pre-period days.

    I am so vain…ahahha…but seriously, it is possible to control one’s temper or mood during pre-period weeks/days. I’ve done it before. hehehehe. Do more sports or housework…damn syiok

  6. I know a couple of guys who act like they have pms. Its just another term for unreasonable moodiness.

  7. maybe if some blogger girls feel the PMS coming, they should stay away from the PC. Imagine the pain the keyboard would feel.

  8. couldnt agree more Lilian. Why rant about it if you can’t do anything about it? Might as well concentrate on things which we can make a difference.

  9. Lol. If you had wanted to use my comment, as least link back to me, at the least my stats might increase a little bit more šŸ™‚

    Btw, I believe in free speech, so flame me, but I still blog what I want to blog

  10. *grins* No comment.

    Who wants more traffic? Just post more comments and socialise. Hopefully, my meagre stats will drive one or two hits to you.

  11. Hahaha. This post rawks..

    Sick of hearing people say they have PMS or whatever…

    Great post Lilian.. Sure terase.. Those people I mean. Haha.


  12. I wish tampons were cheaper (and more socially acceptable) in M’sia. One of my form 4 classmates asked if it was possible to masturbate with a tampon. -_-

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