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I believe most of us have heard of Yvonne and her plight. She is young and stricken with neurofibromatosis which are tumours in her nerves.

She had lost her almost all her hearing. The tumours are still growing inside her. Now, she needs to remove them. Removing them means surgery.

Can you imagine what it is like being young and struck with a disease like this? I bet most of us can’t. I cannot. If I understand correctly, it is like a time bomb inside her.

Anything can happen. Tomorrow is not a certainty. But for Yvonne, she is one gutsy gal. She has risen above most of the obstacles and been through several surgeries. She is fighting against time.

Will you help her to raise enough money for her to get the surgery done in the USA? She had done so much research. I believed she had pursued all the finest doctors she can get her hands on.

Her situation reminds me of those times when I was pursuing doctors from overseas. I sought doctors from the UK and the USA. My local doctor told me that he would have brought my son to the USA if my son’s health had allowed it. He told me he would taken him on a flight personally if it has been possible. I told him I would go down on my knees to plead for a donor of a baby’s heart and lung if Vincent had not been on ventilator dependant. Back then, the obstacle was his health and nothing could be done.

Now, the obstacle Yvonne has is money. Originally, the hospital in the USA was able to offer a discounted rate. Unfortunately, they aren’t able to do so now. So, she needs to raise the money on her own. If Yvonne is able to get the surgery done in the USA, her chances of getting a better result is higher. She had done her homework well.

Therefore, please go to Yvonne’s appeal ‘Donate to my medical fund‘ to read more about this. If you are in doubt, you can wait for the official appeal as her friends are helping her to approach the print media.

As a community of bloggers, let us come together and help this young lady to battle her illness. I found this very poignant words from Yi Liang (I had met both Yvonne and Yi Liang) which he responded to someone who have doubts about this appeal:

Just because she is an individual, does not mean she doesn’t need our help. If she gets to maintain her hearing, Yvonne will able to speak about her illness to billions of people out there. If her mobility is not affected, she’ll be able to personally help other people in need.

On the other hand, if she’s deaf, she will be dependant on other people to help carry out tasks for her. Her awareness campaigns will become a big challenge.

(name removed) what you fail to see is the outcome of a single charity. Let’s make a comparison. Donating to Yvonne who will reach out to thousands of people suffering in Malaysia, or to a thousand people who might not bother contrributing to society? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t bother donating to such charities, but people like Yvonne requires our attention as well.

Is asking donations for surgery, not a way to helping herself? She could just live in denial, let the tumour eat out her brains and die. Is that what you’re saying? How can she help other people, when she can’t even help herself? Obviously, she needs to maintain her abilities before making a difference in this world.

And finally, let’s keep Yvonne’s word in our mind?

Let’s all say a prayer and hopefully, we will be able to meet the amount of money I need. Amen!

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  1. Lilian, nice post and Yvonne is a great girl. She is. And am crossing my fingers so that things will be okay soon for her.

    This post will touch people’s heart… No doubts.


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