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Well, this is not another Xiaxue fiasco entry.

But I do notice something. The whole affair was actually made uglier by her readers.

Do you agree that sometimes, readers can really bring us bloggers down? If the readers are fellow bloggers, then it is a different story. But what if they just exist on the blogsphere as readers?

By mentioning readers, I mean strangers whom we do not know. Some of them may be well-meaning individuals who actually wanted to help their favourite blogger. So, they went around playing heroes and preachers in trying to protect their ‘idol’. Instead of helping, they made the blogger looks ugly and stupid.

Sometimes, I do get very de-moralising comments from readers. They usually stumbled upon my blog accidentally and started putting down my regular commentors. Most of the time, these comments never get to see the sunlight.

As the blog owner, I feel it is my responsibility to guard my regular readers/commentors from being wrongly accused by some strangers who probably lurks around with their holy-moly ideals. I just deleted a couple of comments like these last night. No one gets to write anything I don’t agree on this site, ok? Read my page?

*haih* Is there ever a right and wrong way to do things? Never mind, there is always the ‘delete’ button.

18 thoughts on “Xiaxue’s readers

  1. Oi Inevitable – You mean who PMS-ing? You kah? I am doing an analysis, you know? ‘Cos some CCB dropped some comments said my blog readers all insensitive, got no brains, blindly agree with me. I am only protecting you wor. You don’t like? *chey* wasted.

  2. I never delete anything, if people can’t take criticism then fuck em, I’m not going to defend them if they don’t have balls to defend themsleves.

    Bring of the flames, love it!

  3. I agree with ST. But hey Lilian, you didn’t delete my posts on the mooncup, so you’re not ALL Big Brother!

    I think XX writes in a purposefully aggressive, hate-inciteful and attention-demanding tone. I mean, she could be a lot more thoughtful – only that would not garner her as much flak and drama, so she doesn’t.

    This whole PMS thing is so overrated. Sometimes girl just being smarter than boy, boy go all “you just PMSing lah, shaddup”.


  4. MissM – I have my reason.

    ST – A debate is good but I won’t allow holy-moly, self-righteous, holier-than-thou people shitting at my server’s expense.

  5. Sometimes it is good to have some stupid or controversial comment. It stirs up people’s emotions and I like it when there is a good discussion. Stupid comments will get flamed by other commenters. However I absolutely hate spam and delete them straightaway.

  6. there’ll always be trolls. It’s your blog lilian, and don’t let others soil/use it for their own purpose. Gotto love the ‘delete’ button. But it’s a problem for people who don’t check their blogs often. They write a post, ping PPS, and go about their lifes. 2 days later they come back from whatever work that had them occupied, only to find that, their post is full of unknown comentors duking it out on their blog.

    In the end, on the net people just don’t have the inhibitions they have in real life. Like a ton of drunkards fighting with abandon because they’re high. I think the fear of getting beaten there and then doesn’t occur online. So the beast chained by fear and etiqutte is unleashed.

    Or so is my theory šŸ˜›

  7. SK – I ever ready with wok too.

    Bawang – You said it well. At times, the readers skewed what we want to say in the wrong directions. That can be frustrating.

    Adam – I love flames but at others’ blogs. hehehe

  8. I’m quite liberal actually. But there is a secret rule I have to apply when it comes to comments in my blog. For a long time now, I have suspected that aliens read my postings, so certain things will not be allowed. Can’t tell what the aliens might do.

  9. As for me…so far I’ve never gotten stupid uncivilised commentors. So I’m quite fine letting them speak their mind. It somehow gets you thinking from their perspective (if you’re willing to) and eventually, you’d be able to look at a picture from all sorts of angle.

    But then hor, lately got blog ‘auditor’ visiting my blog picking on me. Si beh bo song man…then everytime when I counter attack, that person would disappear for awhile, and then come back again. Ceh.

  10. S-Kay – Hahaha, blog auditor pulak. It’s that kind of comments la. Tiba-tiba come from nowhere and then pok-pek-pok-pek like she/he knows me very well likedat.

  11. a blog owner has the right to post whatever they want on their blog & to edit comments they receive.

    i do that too, & some people say i’m a bitch for doing so… deleting comments that i don’t like. sometimes i wonder who is bitchier, the one who writes bitchy comments on other people’s blog shamelessly or the blog owner who removes bitchy comments because it’s not right for people to say nasty things on other people’s turf.

    i wonder what the spammers must think of me… heheheh.

  12. bawangmerah is right: some people think that because you can be anonymous online means you don’t have to follow common courtesy. The question then is, IRL do you act polite because you’re afraid of punishment, or because you want to be a decent human being?

    I think it’s ok for blog owners to delete comments that are just for the sake of batu api…not that i’m anywhere near popular enough to have faced that problem yet hehe.

  13. “If you ever delete my comment again I’ll never allow your comment on my site, ever again!”

    How’s that?

    Heeheeheeheehee. šŸ˜›

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