Flasher, flasher, up above

It just dawned on me. For those women who can faint at the sight of a naked kkc peeking out, why not take some lessons? Frankly, I don’t know how people felt after being flashed.

If for me, I think I will laughed my arse off. After all, seen one, seen all, isn’t it? And only the sorry looking kkcs are desperate for attention.

This flasher tale came up during lunch today. I was having lunch with my Form One kid from St. Xavier. Today being Friday is assembly day where all the students will lined up for a while, singing the National anthem, school song, listen to sermons, prayers and so on. Theirs is an all-boys, brothers’ school, meaning a former Christian school and their headmaster is a Bro. Paul.

Across their school is the high-rise City Bayview Hotel. One naked guy stood in his room reading a book. With glass windows and no curtains. Can you imagine him with almost two thousand pairs of eyes looking?

I almost choked on my sambal petai. LOL! My son told me with a straight face. “Bro. Paul said he(flasher) probably forgot that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.” I do agree because I bet no flasher is brave enough to flash to almost two thousands school boys. Not when they sing ‘God save us’ (and zap that sorry looking kkc) or something like that.

Back to my discovery – I think it is good for all mothers to expose their daughters to the male anatomy. Show them a before and after effect. That way, the next time a flasher pounce on them, they can also laugh their faces off. I bet no desperadoes dare to flash anymore.

*shhoooo, puny kkc* Know any jokes for flasher? Educate the girls with one liners mah.

***ADDED : Real life story of a young girl being flashed.

Humourous encounters by Yvy.

Pennypupz get it before too.

26 thoughts on “Flasher, flasher, up above

  1. perli them on the size.akakaka

    but most girls will prob scream bloody murder if they kena flashed.

    altho one of my friends did chased after the flasher.woot.

  2. i wonder, why flashers don’t get kicked in the kkc wan? i mean if you flash to me automatically the first thing that comes to mind is to kick the balls back into the pouch. but then i’m not a girl..so…

  3. I agree that mothers shd teach their daughters about the male anatomy. It’s something so normal, and simply part of a male human body. So there’s need to turn red or blush.

  4. Hey.. Lilian,
    I only got flashed once.. when i was about say.. 14 yrs old. I was sent by my mom to get char siew for dinner.. and i was walking thru’ a park.. when a very good looking fella.. dressed up to the nines.. flashed. I was so shocked.. you can imagine.. my “innocent” mind.. and embarrassing disposition…hahahhaa!!
    Now anyone flash me.. he kenna die from me ah..!! terajang his KKC.. !! hehehe!! and make him impotent ah..!!

  5. I’d teach my daugher to laugh her head off and RUN….

    doc:> female flashers??? Come over to U S during spring break.. u can oggle until ur eyeballs fall off.

  6. Haiyoh…last time when Naz went to fix his car at some place..the belakang side of KL..quite ulu abit lah. I was walking pass the bus stop with him when I saw this madman who suddenly took out his KKC and peed right at the bus stop. Instead of going “Waaaaaaa…flasher” (indirect flasher), I was like “Shit, faster walk, wait he attack me with his pee I mati”. And we’re still laughing over it whenever he sends his car to fix there

  7. take a picture lah next time and put it online!
    I once saw few people flashing themselves on hotel balcony on the eve of the Y2K celebrations while walking to my car park… I must say… is cool (for the hot ladies) and eeeewwww (for those guys) šŸ˜›

  8. when she see kkc, tell your daughter, close her mouth with her palms, laugh uncontrollably, point to the kkc and shout, “mommy! uncle got one small worm there!”
    Then you say.” where? where? mommy cannot see also?”
    faster take out your reading glasses and put them on, and say” oh, that one not worm darling, that one rafia string”

  9. With reference to Doc’s comment, then when “One naked guy stood in his room reading a book”, could he be said to have “flashed”? Unintentional woh.

  10. Kyels – In Penang, the langchia apek (trishaw men) do that sometimes. Sitting in their becha and unzip their pants. Then, buat dunno. Luckily, I never seen before.

    narrowband – Nobody really knows leh. If you live in a ceiling to floor glass walls, would you walk around naked? Hahaha.

    doc – Careful leh, now that you are so famous in the neighbourhood, one of these days you are going to get some orange coloured hair, neon green pants, fuschia pink blouse, purple nail polish auntie flash you her nen-nen. LOL! Dangerous wei, can get ED for life.

    ahpek – Lu manyak kelakar. Everyone, please visit ah pek’s blog for the pantuns (poem) we exchanged.

    egghead – My son told me they are in assembly or else the camera club boys would zoom with their huge dSLR cameras. Then, I got photo to prove.

  11. Joe – Good idea hor. But I think a camera is more pahwerful. Wait when my son gets his black belt in karate, I teach him to kick the groin.

    S-Kay – Here oso got madman but he is so dirty and black, you can’t make out what is what. LOL! His hair, fuyoh, caked with dirt.

    romantic – I think those are called exhibitionists, no? I think doc is taking the next plane out.

    BigBoK – Hahaha, terajang word you also know. Terror lah. But I think the flasher always choose his victims well.

    nerdook – Nowadays, so many people turned half-half, maybe you also kena one day. Watch out!

    ange – I think if we prepare them (girls), they will be bolder. Instead of frozen in shock.

    doc – Female how to flash leh? Can see the bulu oni. LOL. ROTFLMAO! The other parts, no one interested ‘cos too many around.

    yuin – They pick the more timid women to flash to. Otherwise, sure kena broken yolk liao.

  12. Actually the girls do flash either their boobs or their bums, especially if they are in the chartered buses on trips.

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