I share the same birthday with GOOGLE!!!

My, oh my! Google must loves me a lot…..

‘Cos we share the same birthday, i.e. September 7th.

When is Google’s official birthday?

Google’s official birthday is September 7, 1998. If Google were a person,

Thanks to Bryan for the link.

Man….this is nice! Have you wished me Happy Birthday yet? NO? You can still do it here ‘cos Google doesn’t accept birthday wishes, I think. 363 days to Google and my birthday…..

11 thoughts on “I share the same birthday with GOOGLE!!!

  1. Err… Google from 1998… And you are from… *count fingers… count toes… count kkc…* Can borrow your hands ar?

    *run away damn blardy fast*

  2. google happy bday to u
    u r a frnd,teacher ,nd al thru my studies nd now on my work
    thank you
    u r turnin 7 and me 23 this september

  3. hi lilian
    by googling on wats up with google bday i turnd with this site
    is this personl frnds site or?
    am a lecturer
    blated happy bdy
    nd my bday s today 27th
    hope u ll leave a msg 4 me

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