Punch dashboard


Punch speedometer


Give glove and coin compartment a shake.

Pundek! Punch harder.


p00hKeYlah!!!! Why all locally assembled cars always make so much noise?

Take them out of the showroom only and they started buzzing and creaking. Drive for a few months, the doors also started creaking. Another few months, the power window cannot unwind. Several more months, the air-cond vents started dropping out piece by piece.

McByeleh. I used to have a 10 years old Honda Accord and that Japanese lover never, ever make a squeak or peep. But every locally assembled cars I owned have all kinds of weird sounds coming from nowhere. My Proton Perdana’s ceiling (interior top) is falling down! The Naza Ria is driving me crazy with unexplainable noises of loose parts.

Can’t our local car manufacturers at least try to improve their production? Minor stuffs like these really make people turn off from cars like Sawi, Mawi and others.

BTW, I had driven a Peugot 604 that was 20 years old that did not go in the direction you steer and also a Fiat 600 which steering wheel could be pull off midway while driving. How’s that for driving experiences? Both cars are probably besi buruk now. RIP, my beloved, trusted continental cars. I love imported cars.