“Yes, Ma’arm”


“Yes, Ma’am”

“You two listen properly. Maria, you go with Mott to pick up my chewren. Send them to tuition, tennis, squash, drama, ballet, golf and whatever. You see their schedule la. I don’t even remember how many chewren I have.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Mott. You tell sir I need the car the whole day. I need to do my hair, face, body, vag….., everything la. After that, I have hi-tea with all the Puan Sillies and Datin Silly.”

Mott and Maria : YES, MA’AMMM.

“One more thing Mott. Give the car a good wash and polish first. I want to show off to my frens.”




Soli, I was only dreaming. Gotta go and pick the children from school. Then, drag 3 kids including one screaming toddler… to eat lunch. Followed by Bata shoe shop to buy shoes suitable for skate-boarding. Sure the two monkeys dragged me for two rounds of pool since they are in the mall. After that, pheww….if I have not gone cuckcoo, have to go to the skate-boarding park. Somemore got, by then, they will be hungry again and have to drive to 7-Eleven for Slurpee and bakery for buns.

Aiyoyo, Motto, apasal lu bukan gua mia driver? Maria please come from the Philippines to be my babysitter, governess, cook, maid, gardener all-in-one ?

9 thoughts on “Lifestyle

  1. BigBoK – Seriously, I don’t think I want. ‘Cos the sir will probably have many LuLus to entertain him.

    Nazrah – Nay…I am happy with my lifestyle now.

    ST – One post takes me between 3 min – 15 mins. I have 24 hour, right?

    bubbles – TQ

    8555 – I prefer to drive, then I can cuss in all the languages.

  2. wow…
    tht is tiring…and hectic

    way to go lilian…
    way to go all ladies…

    and do you have EPF from hubby?
    you sure eligible to have…

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