What animal am I?

We took our toddler to the Taiping Zoo this morning. *&#@*??!! have to wake up so early. Weather so hot. But at least he can now see with his own eyes that jibla (zebra) and jilap (giraffe) are way, way different eventhough their names sound the same.

At the zoo, my atm aka husband of 17 yrs aka the man I am going to poison with cyanide laced milkshake real soon (LOL) saw an animal.

“Hey, quickly, there is animal XYZ there. I take photo for you.”

(Translated as : Hahaha, that animal XYZ is your twin sister, quick, pose with ‘her’.)


Guess what animal is that?

To cut down the choices:
1) Camel
2) Hippo
3) Elephant
4) Boa (that’s the giant, fat, fat snake)
5) Tiger
6) Seladang (no, this is not the answer)
7) Red ass baboon
You can add more if you like.

Lucky I found James recommended Heh Chien to payback for the trip. Damn hot la, Taiping. But the lotus flowers in the pond are blooming.

**Added : Get the right answer, I post the pic of me and my twin sister.

35 thoughts on “What animal am I?

  1. i guess …….. arrr, a hippo… cos my husband call me that too.. and my son nerdook call me polar bear hahaha LOL.. Dont worry…be proud of our size.. not everyone can achieve that rite? haha,, btw is my guess correct?

  2. hmmm…alfter consulting my other ‘friends’ at the car park through our horn language, we come to a conclusion.

    red-ass baboon?

  3. moo_t – HOHOHOHO, you dunno how hard I laughed! Wei! I got like that meh? At least I won’t dare to do to my hubby la.

    8555 – Heh, wait I get hold of your red ass, I scratch with RM1 coin. Thanks for the brave input. I am testing water.

    2xmum – I got that too. But this time, it is not hippo. When someone guess correctly, I will post pic of me and my twin sister.

    yingci – Thanks for the compliments but this one real animal. LOL!

    MORE, MORE, MORE! This is so funny.

  4. hmmmm the choice is now between a camel, elephant and boa constrictor as others have been guessed.

    Now let us examine the possibilities.

    Can it be a camel? My logic deduces the camel makes up 0.000001% of the animal population in Malaysia. In other words, very the rare. Ruled OUT.

    Secondly the Boa. Similar to lilian’s characteristics? (i.e. open the big mouth and telan semua). Not likely, as she opens her big mouth only.

    Lastly, the elephant. I have seen Lilian’s face somewhere already, so by using a technology far more superior to Face Analyzer (my eyes) I say she looks like an Elephant.

    Answer solved. Let us sit back and wait for the pic to come up!

    *calls police for protection*
    *gets a air ticket reservation just in case*

  5. neeshen – You know nerdook? Wah, you must be the tai-kor then?

    Din – Nyekkk, jawapan anda kurang tepat. Cuba lagi?

    nerdook – Nope, in real life I no so garang. hahaha.

    RB – Nay. LOL! Do I act like a monkey at the bloggers meet?

  6. shopping – dun ler so bad.

    kyels – Hey, I finally saw yr pic. At the other expressvision something site. You are from Taiping? Nice place indeed.

    bryan – Hippos snorting mud water and spew on your head. LOL!

    romantic – Hahaha, not right

    moo – Also wrong. Argggh…when will someone gets it right? I so wanna blog but am not going to do so until I hear more choices.

    RB – That’s a compliment but wrong.

    Paul – Fuwah, the seladang really solid la. I think one of it can feed a whole kampung.

    doc – I shall pile on more aunties-magnet curses on you. Turn your RPC into HRT centre. LOL!

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