Do you love or hate your voice?

*Damn, I got no discipline. Promised I won’t blog today but wutodo? Home alone and shaking legs mah.*

I have always wanted to ask. So, people help me out. Confirm this.

1) Do you think your voice heard on recording, mike, phone is the same as the voice you hear when you talk? (I mean listen with your own ears when your mouth open)

2) Which voice do you think sounds better? The one you heard with your own ears when you talk or the one you heard streaming through mike, phone, recording?

I don’t know. I think my voice is pretty sucky. But when I heard them on recording or mike, it sounds even more sucky.

Normally, I make a recording of my own voice to check my annotation, pronounciation, tone, watevala with my SE630 handphone. When I playback, it is real torture to listen to them. But I have to do so to improve my reading (lectoring).

I would go, ewww…girl, like that voice hor, better don’t talk you know. But hor, I have people telling me that my voice is rich. Whatever that means…

Which brings me to my nightmare last night. I dreamt that I went up this lectern (like a podium), in a huge church with stained glasses and the whole works. Suddenly, I started talking in BM and it is bahasa pasar! OMG, I went on and on and cannot stop. And the church people turned into some comedy show spectators and laughing till they fell of the pews! Then, I woke up and heard the azan subuh from the Penang state mosque. *wipe cold sweats* I hope Ayah Pin did not cast a spell on me ‘cos lately I am receiving a lot of traffic looking for Ayah Pin, Ayah Pin’s pictures and Ayah Pin’s 4 wives.

Anyway, my nightmare is over. I can even pronounce Ecclesiasticus correctly this morning! Praise God. Hallelujah! Thank God. My faith has kept my quivering voice at bay and no bullet train reading anymore. I love Jesus! Yeah.

Oh ya, remember to tell me if you love your own voice. And please keep guessing.

23 thoughts on “Do you love or hate your voice?

  1. I like my voice when I hear it with my own two ears, but it really sucks if i hear it on an a audio or video recording.

    Hampeh. I thought I have a nice deep voice.

    I can tell you which blogger has a nice deep voice though. Cyber-Red. šŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t really think my voice is all that great. Quiet, reserved and soft-spoken. Most people can’t make out what I say.

    That’s why I blog nowadays. LOL. No seriously.

  3. RB – Actually hor, deep=hiao mah. LOL! Better than squeaking like chalk on board. I give clue liao at the other post.

    8555 – Can be said for us humans, though.

    totoro – I guess at sometime in your life, you have to learn to love your own voice. I had emceed in annual dinners, did public speaking and some Bible reading at church and I am trying hard to love my voice. Otherwise, I will keep getting nightmares before an event. Must love, must love, must love. BTW, tks for popping by.

    Din – I think most people hate their own voices. I read that actresses and actors also hate watching their own movie. It just seem so unreal. Oh yeah, I also HATE James Dobson voice over at supermarkets.

  4. When I heard my recorded voice through the speakers, I thought my voice sucked. Yeah I realised that I could sound really different in these different circumstances!

  5. When you talk, it is natural to assume that the voice you hear is the same as what everyone would hear. The biggest/shocking suprise is when you hear your actual voice from a recorded media. It is very different.

    Some might be pleasantly suprised, but most are shockingly upset.

    The reason why we hear our voice to be so different from the actual is because of the layer of flesh, bone, etc between the ears and our throat. Such natural masking and filtering has made the voice sound different.

    Mine? Its nasally irritating but when I “hear” mine from within, its full of bass. Hah?

  6. i’ve always thot that my voice was too boyish. mayb coz i was (and still am a little) tom boyish. i’m OK with my voice.

  7. Hi 5xMom. Longtime reader, first time comment-sxxtter….

    First heard my voice recorded as voice-over for school play. Scarred for life since then, and that was just the audience….;-)

  8. Hi plink! Tks for commenting. Comments are very precious to me leh. Don’t be so kedekut la. Hahaha.

    jyrenze – I think we are too critical, right? Probably others found them sound just the same.

    Yvonne – Yes! And I pray that you will hear all our voices permanently. I had been keeping you in my thoughts.

    egghead – Hahaha, what about karaoke? Most people think they sound very great in karaoke when in actual fact, they sould like croacking frogs after a thunderstorm.

    zberjnak – Wah, men low voice, very husky and sexy ler.

    Yvy – Your voice? I would say lively. So is mine – bubbly. Do I sound squeaky. Please tell me no.

  9. ChowFC – Yahor, why I never thought of the bones and flesh filter? No wonder la.

    grace – Wow, wish you success! I will remember to vote for you.

    narrow – Most people agreed. We are too judgemental liao. Must learn to love our own voice. In fact, if suddenly my recorded voice comes out, I don’t think I can recognise it!

    milly – You are special. Love your own voice.

    RB – sexy = hiao jugak mah

  10. Listening to my voice recordings is torture, I quit appearing in plays after that. Does anyone else have cky and weird “s”,”z” or “c” sounds when they record themselves?

  11. i consider my voice nice when i speak

    but when i heard it in a movie i record i sounded obnoxious and i dont kno y

    its my social voice u kno, either i sound like a lil kid or the most overtly confident conceited bitch ever

    i asked my bf if i sounded obnoxious and he said yes and was actually afraid to answer but it just popped up at me

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