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OK, enough of guessing. I am getting cyber blue-blacks from them! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! People calling me hippo, whale, bison, orang utan and more. *wails, sob, sob*

*Heh, all the good people who guessed, I actually enjoyed this, so no worries. I will still visit your blog and will not un-blink or ban you.*

I actually took time to surf the net and came up with many interesting facts about the animal.

1) It is called Ata Allah or God’s Gift;

2) Behaviour : Unpredictable at best. They have the reputation of being bad-tempered and obstinate creatures who spit and kick. In reality, they tend to be good-tempered, patient and intelligent.

3) A (animal’s name) ears are small, but its hearing is acute – even if, like the donkey or basset hound, it chooses to pay no attention when given a command!

4) … eyes are large, with a soft, doe-like expression. They are protected by a double row of long curly eyelashes ….

So, can you guess yet? Similar to some woman a prince married?

(sourced from this site)
See? So much things that describe me! My twin sister! Tadaaa…….


OK, since so many of you have so patiently keep guessing….I am rewarding everyone with camel toes! Dunno what is camel toe? Bryan mentioned them here (comment #8).

So, boys and girls, go to this site dedicated to camel toes. Got celebrities camel toes and some pukey pics too. Ewws…

15 thoughts on “The answer

  1. camel toes! bwahahahaha! hey, do you know that camels are ancient symbols for a high sex drive? something like rabbits but more garang! muahahahahar!

  2. Twin? Impossible mah…. Even the weight also not match (I mean the camel-lia).

    Too bad lah.. local zoo don’t have llama.

    quote :
    ” Llamas by nature, are very intelligent, gentle animals. They are relatively inexpensive to maintain, relatively disease-free, and are quick,to learn, cooperative, and patient in training. Their quickness
    to learn can make them, at times, mischievous.”

  3. 8555 – You jaga-jaga lah. Nanti your master exchange you for a camel as transport because camels produce milk also! And doesn’t need petrol.

    babe – Hahaha, no, actually the camel sits on him. LOL!

    moo_t – Arggh..I don’t want to be that crazy llama in the Disney show.

    belacans – Heh, you should know. My atm used to buy Camel products but dunno mana pegi this Camel Store liao.

    Bryan – Yeah, you educate us.

    egghead – Of course! I want to go put my head into the toilet bowl if you say same face.

    RB – Only RM5. They got a website at I think. Got night safari also. Entrance to night safari is RM10. Check papi’s blog,he got write.

  4. Paul – LOL! Is that suppose to be a compliment or wut? ROTLMAO. Or maybe my atm so horny, camel hump reminds him of humping.

    Kyels – I know, I know. I look far better than a camel. Yah, the photo with the tongue is the one I saw.

  5. Lainie – Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I am surprised they can make a camel toe website too.

    Max – Wah, very poetic today.

    simon – Tenkiu. *wipes cold sweats* I think they makes loads of hits with that site leh. Enterprising hor?

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