Let’s talk about PPS

I am bored out of my skin because my toddler had followed his brother to the neighbour’s house. (Yahoo!)

So, let’s talk about PPS. You can add your thoughts too.

1. Do you like the changes at PPS?
Huh? What changes? I am still clicking to the PING page. The colour is changed but everything is the same. Same old bloggers doing the same old copy and paste stuffs. One topic, 10 persons blog. Dead boring, I tell you.

2. What about the directory?
No difference to me. I am smart enough to find the least crowded category. Heh!

3. There is a Top Ten on the side bar. What do you think?

You mean this? Chey…I hate it ‘cos it isn’t working. I should be way up on the #1 spot (or so I hope) and yet, the ranking has been like that for weeks.

4) What about the Hot Blog etc?
There is no chiqik-ness (excitement) in them. I prefer BOTD. (If you don’t know what is BOTD, then you probaby shouldn’t ask.)

OK, I am rambling with my own opinions. No offence to Aiz, ok? But I believe many share my views.

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk about PPS

  1. I’m glad PPS helped me to stay updated of other Malaysian bloggers. Otherwise, there are many great entries that I would have otherwise missed. Of course, there are also many amazing blogs out there that don’t ping PPS. Still discovering many of them.

    And we know you’re not one to rant on PPS coz it didn’t put you in the #1 spot. 😛

  2. It’s such a pain to wade through all the copy and paste ‘blogs’ to look out for the pings from the original blogs.

  3. I love the PPS directory. When I’m bored I just browse through to find blogs I’ve not read before. I hope the PPS RSS thingy starts working again, because when it was working it was better than the ping page 😀

  4. I stopped pinging awhile back. I just got lost in all the mess. And like you, I still don’t see that big a change in PPS. Same old same old.

  5. lol…didn’t know my Moolah blog’s in the Top 10!

    Anyway, no time to update currently and no internet connection at home too…sighz…so pls don’t vote my blog for now pls!

    but i guess the most popular blog topics are sex and money currently for Malaysians =P

  6. The only thing I don’t like is the link color on the Ping page. I prefer the ‘all gray’ last time with smaller words. Now it’s like…my eyes damn sakit lah when I see the link in blue.

  7. Viewtru – Good blogs don’t need listing mah.

    n305er – Is that a happy remark?

    S-Kay – Hahaha, we can never be satisfied, I guess.

    boringest – Right, sex and money rules. Too bad.

    kahsoon – Psst….

    Anuar – It took me a while to get used to them too.

    egghead – Just put the ping page on your browser lor.

    bawangmerah – Try Sarawho. On my right pane with a tiny logo? It has more blogs and you can read an excerpt from the same site.

    Din – Right, it is a real pain that we can never get rid, I suppose.

    Eyeris – Ei, peminat sukan tak banyak la. Semua minat seks sahaja.

    totoro – I click on PPS many times a day too.

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