Rod Stewart vs. Eminem

I was in the car, driving my sons back from skateboarding. Suddenly, Rod Stewart jumped out of my mouth.

It went something like this:

If you want my body
and you think I’m sexy
come on honey tell me so

Whhoooooooops! Did I actually sing that in front of my kids? Hahaha, I did. But I got the lyrics all wrong and it was much, much less vulgar, ok? (You can see misheard lyrics here.)

So, my kids went…..
“What la, what kind of music you all listen to in the 70s and 80s?”
They actually rolled eyes that we adults listened to junks like that.

This, I take as a good sign. Yeah, they do listen to Linkin Park, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Simple Plan and all those loud musics. I do not nag but neither do I encourage.

My older kids are aware of the claim on Satan’s messages hidden in some of the songs. My eldest got the link and insisted that I had been ‘naughty’ because my atm and I listen to Eagle’s Hotel California. He even explained the meaning of Hotel California to me.

Hey, how about that? Mother kena lectured by the kids? Oh well, I am thankful that they are informed about all these hiddens elements and such. Credits go to their cathecism class teachers for turning religious lessons relevant to the current trend. As Catholic youths, a lot is expected from them compared to other religions. But I am sure with proper guidance from the parents, community, church and faith in God, they will turn out ok.

After all, I do turned out *quite* ok too, right? But I do hope other parents keep in touch with their kids and see that they do not fall too deep into the dark-side. It is very easy to forget that real parenting challenges start when the children reach teenage years and not toddlerhood.

11 thoughts on “Rod Stewart vs. Eminem

  1. A child’s mindset and behaviors will be adaptive at the age of 2. So, parents must begin educating them at that age. By the time he/she is 4, the child would have develop the language, characters, behaviors, and attitudes adapted and adopted. Thereafter, it is just nurturing and moulding.

    It would be difficult to make changes if the kid had already built-up a structured behavior and attitudes.

    Your kids presumably had passed that stage. Therefore, I believe, you can only work on incremental change, if necessary, plus, add any new habits to help them better themselves.

    One thing is certain, our kids will be an image of what we had moulded them. Take care and wish you well.

  2. eh… I am Luke “Skywalker”‘s father… so I am already in the dark-side long ago… now I am trying to turn my son to the dark-side as well… so don’t try to stop me 😛

  3. ah pink – Keep it to annoy them. I have ‘war’ of the musics with my kids. Very fun.

    belacans – eeek, I can’t stand rock.

    simmie – Hahaha, so far, not yet. But got dragged all over the place by them.

    chief – You are going to get more ‘fun’ as your kids grow bigger.

    mama2beas – Aiks, I langsung never heard of the rock band.

    ah pek – I got a 15 yrs old son who is sitting for his PMR next month. Every day and every night hor, he talked non-stop to the girlfriend. How ar?

    egghead – ooh, scary.

    Yvy – Shhhhh….*grins*

    Maveryck – Hey, thanks for the insights.

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