It was a fine afternoon. My three kids and I had spent almost 3 hours at the Youth Park and decided to adjourn elsewhere. As usual, I brought my camera along.

So, I have camera on my neck, backpack with my stuffs and the kids each have their own stuffs.

Out of nowhere, one mother and baby jumped into my #2 son’s path and glared her teeth at him. She has this menacing looks in her eyes which says, if you don’t do what I say, you are so going to get it from me.

I immediately realised her intention but what can I do because I have a young toddler at her mercy? So, I screamed to my #2, Give it to her!!!!

All my kids also sensed the danger and we ran off. But these jokers will not let us go. My #3 son pulak became the victim. This time, there are a few more of them. And boy, they are mean. You can feel the danger because you are in their territory.

We were helpless because I have my camera to protect, worrying about my toddler’s safety and we have no sticks or any weapon. Luckily, a passerby came along and hit the buggers with the umbrella. But not before they robbed my #3 son pulak.

*haih* I swear I will never go back to the place again. Never ever. Not when we are carrying things. We have to be armed.

I managed to capture a shot of the robber and her baby. Now, I am plotting my revenge.

Here is the mugshot of the robber. If anyone see her, please take revenge for me.


Now, anyone can give me ideas how to belacan itu celaka mya monyet? I heard that belacan (very stinky prawn paste) is the most feared stuff by monkeys. If the monkey smell of belacan, the whole herd will reject the poor monkey and it eventually die of loneliness or something.

Do you think I can make some belacan juice, put it in a syringe and inject the stinking juice into bananas and offer to them? Damn, it is scary man. They chase and want to attack my kids until I screamed to my kids to throw away their junk foods.

We can be fined RM500 (or RM300?) if we feed the monkeys. But if we get robbed off our food, do you think we can sue the Municipal Park for robbery?

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  1. hmm if you see her again,would you be able to recognize her ar?? maybe she needs the stuff to feed her baby leh? akakaka =p

    they all looked the same wan..

    regarding your last sentence ar,i dont think so leh.coz i dont think itu monkeys are considered as property belonging to another as they are not kept in cant sue under theft act.

    by virtue of S4(2) & (3) Theft Act’68,
    animals that has not been reduced to captivity does not apply to property

    nice shot btw.go USM the pic,shld be much sharper then.

  2. RB – I zoom from far far leh. That cibai monkey damn garang wan. Stole both kids junk food. I swear never to go to Botanical Gardens again. Oi, lu loyar buruk kah, tau it section la, act la. Hahaha.

    Din – Heh, kena robbed by humans pun not as risky. This monkey can bite people and they are smarts, usually attack children. That’s why I damn scared leh.

  3. Using Belacan against them? Are u referring to “Bagai kera kena belacan” To do that u have to dilute the belacan with water and cili powder. Make sure the mixture lembik a bit, not too keras. N start throwing at them. Target those eyes and red pungkok.
    They’re active around 4pm (tea time). So your timing must be right. Remember the exact location becoz those monkeys are very teritorial. They’ll stick to their teritory, so u won’t have problem finding the culprit. If u r not sure which one, catch all of them and have a kawad cam ala Usual Suspects. Once u identified the culprit, pls don’t kill em. Takut the anak jadi yatim piatu. Just rotan the red pungkok.

  4. ROFL, another prove that junk food is harmful šŸ˜‰ Actually it is the fault of the first person who fed the monkey. FYI, those monkey are attract by the sound of plastic wrapper. Hint : use cloth/paper bag.

    Next time, bring one Pisang Tanduk and let them fight for it. šŸ˜‰ kekekkeekeke

    In other news. Monkeys at Batu caves seems taking vacation from the famous tourist point due to heavy casualties(fight with the dogs).

  5. Ya lar. Thought u got mobbed by human. rupa rupanya by a beruk. hmm….. dont think the belacan thing will work. The best is no food during ur walk there.

  6. Wahahaha… Frightened me for awhile.. Thought it was humans at first… šŸ˜›

    Me no scared of those stupid monkeys. Last time camping they stole my entire stock of instant noodles, bread and plenty more…

    Everytime you have food and you see a bunch of them, always look for the biggest or the bravest. Kick his ass and all the rest will run away…

  7. When I was young I also got robbed by monkeys too, and I was screaming like hell at Botanical Garden, everyone there must have thought I was crazy! What angry me most is none of my cousins came to help me, just let the monkeys bullied me and grabbed the peanuts away.

  8. I KNEW IT!!! IT WAS MONKEYS!!!! Damn dirty apes! (that last line was from Planet of the apes, in case you missed it…)

    i need to get a life.

  9. I also kena before when I went to Penang on a school trip. A group of monkeys tried to attack me and curi my food. Wahh…very garang man! I ran for my life!!!

    I’ve been told by people not to look into the monkey’s eye wor…nanti like trying to cari pasal with them and they attack lor

  10. Youth Park? Gee, I go there quite often, but I usually keep away from the monkey area. There was only once when I loitered around there, but the monkeys were quite okay then; guess they just had their breakfasts.

  11. Belacan..

    I didn’t know that they are afraid of belacan. I think you should do that Lilian since they robbed your stuff.

    Sheesh. Those monkeys.. Damn scary larrr..

  12. This is hilarious! I was expecting a mugshot of a robber. Really didn’t expect to see a monkey instad. But it’s still scary whether human robber or not, since monkeys do bite.

    Haven’t heard about the belachan theory. Don’t need to make belachan juice. Just smash a whole stick of belachan in a zip bloc bag, then leave the bag open, and let them grab your bag.

  13. aunty lilian,

    izit youth park or botanical gardens ?

    botanical gardens monkeys garang lar but youth park not tat many worrr…

    better becareful else they might steal ur undie while you change..

  14. akakka i bullshit nia lar.u can try to sue them if u want.roflol.surely the case will attract lots of attention.

    if u duwan go botanical gardens again,where u wanan go? youth park?

  15. Aiyer Lil .. is this “elsewhere” called Botanical Garden ah???? I am so damn scared to go there one. Becoz of those monkeys lah. Somemore bring food ..!!!!! Memang perfect recipe for murder. They are SOOOOOO … frightening ….. *shudder shudder*…

  16. Pompit – Yalor, we all gatal pungkok la. Usually, we spent 3 hours in Youth Park and then, balik rumah. Tapi today saja nak explore. So, we ended up there.

    RB – I go to Youth Park something like 3 kali satu minggu. I pegi ogle old apeks mah.

    Max – Ya lah, the monkeys in Botanical Garden damn garang. The one in Youth Park also I very wary of them. Whenever I see them coming to the place where my kids play, I sure cabut fast-fast. Takut kena molest. :O)

    ange – They are very smart one. Last time my bro sumbat cili and belacan into the banana. They refused to pick it up.

    ghOst – Ok, ok. I will hire a loyar.

    Kyels – The theory is like that lar. ‘Cos we have a saying ‘seperti kera kena belacan’.

    fishtail – You are right, the ones in Youth Park are tamer. Probably, Youth Park has more locals so they takut. But in Botanical Gardens, more tourists. So, they bully them.

  17. yioh…lilian, REALLY hak sei ngo lar you!!! (did i get that right?? my so-called canto MORE cham than my hokkien. heh!!) but really…i thot HUMAN robbers attack u n the kids. really sked ppl lar u. thank goodness u all are ok. phew!!

    siot mya monyet…

  18. jimmy – Drama queen mah.

    Yvy – Soli la, wanna seek attention mah. Kick me?

    simmie – Yalor, their eyes damn sharp wan. The shitty monkey was glaring at my son lor. Then, chase him.

    simon – Yeah, right. You are watching too much TV and movies.

    shopping mom – Over here, monkeys had injured a lot of people. So, be careful whenever you see monkeys around. They are very smart one. Target the young children.

    thquah – One packet of chips and one packet of the Dahfa fish kena robbed.

    n305er – Wah, you monkey king.

    toxicle – I must experiment one day.

    LcF – Yalor, Penang people and monkeys, all also very fierce. LOL!

    foodcrazee – When we were going out, we only saw the warning sign. *sheesh* It is our fault actually.

    moo_t – Aiks, monkeys also can lost to dogs? I thot monkey gods more powerful there?

    muteaudio – hahaha, I hope your suggestions work. They all looks the same la. Kawad oso tak guna.

  19. monkeys…

    i have a history with them.

    theres like a whole troupe behind my house. and if by any chance i forgot to simpan the eggs from pasar malam, and leave them near the window, then i can surely bet that monkeys will be climbing through the grille.

    last time, purposely for my blog, i lure them with 3 rotten eggs.

    got incriminating shots too.

    kena ingat to not leave eggs near window now…funny, they dont take anything else (fruits, bread and whatever is in the kitchen)…

    ni monyet kampung kot.

  20. well… those “will-be-belacaned-by-lilian” buggers behaves exactly like those municipal people who do nothing but rob people of their wealth šŸ˜›

  21. dear aunty lilian,

    reminds me of when i was a small kid, and at that same exact place, this long-tailed macaque (that’s what they are called) came and stole a packet of peanuts which i was holding behind my back! hmph, i remember it so clearly, and it has been 20 years or so now heh :p

    then at university in penang, we had these same species breaking into our dorms and stealing our food and pouring milo all over the place. the funny thing is they actually kinda like eating correction fluid, don’t ask me why!

    but they can get quite menacing.

    then again, on another note, maybe it’s because we have encroached upon their area, the place where they used to get abundant food… so now, no food and lots of concrete jungle.. they have to resort to robbing human beings who robbed them of their homes!

  22. Pregnant mummy can get very very hungry you know. So let her off-lah, hah? Lucky you and your kids didn’t get bitten. Monkeys are rather fierce animals. And they seem to eat non-stop too.

  23. Last time i bring ang mo kau to see lau kau in botanical gardens.. he was amazed.. Lilian, cannot bring food into the gardens one, the beruks can smell it from miles away and summon the whole battalion to get you. They very smart and cunning, one distracts you and another will attact from the back..

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