Telephone porridge

Ah Pek mentioned something about teenage daughter talking non-stop on the phone. I want to run to Ah Pek and grab hug him and say,

“Aiyoh…. finally someone understands me.”

You see hor, at first I thought that in this age of MSN, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, telephone porridge is going out of style.

First, let me explain what is telephone porridge. It is ‘pou tin wa chook’ in Cantonese. It means brewing the phone or burning the lines.

All of us go through that stage in our life, I am sure. Otherwise, you are either too nerdy or a wallpaper. I am not talking about girls giggling and chatting with another girl. But chats with the opposite sex.

It is fun when you are the one doing the telephone porridge. But it grates on the nerves when you are the parent. You have to bear the cost. You know your kid is better off studying. The murmurs just annoy you no ends. And the ringtones!

OMG, this is a nightmare! There is handphone, house phone and MSN. Not to mention sms. Sometimes, I felt like taking the handphone and dropping it into the fish head curry when the sms-es kept going on during dinner. Or flung it into the cocktail glass bowl during the in-laws dinner.

Someone please help this harrassed mom. I love doing telephone porridge but I hate being the parent who has to live with it. And am I being biased if I say that girls tend to phone the boys more?

*haih* Back to grinding my teeth because I have a few more potential telephone porridge brewers in the making.

23 thoughts on “Telephone porridge

  1. i think boys tend to call the girls more.

    and, girls tend to call girls more… (compared to boys calling boys)

    maybe ur girl couldn’t use internet chat coz mommy was bz blogging kua. šŸ˜›

  2. haih…kids these days…
    the last time not so long ago my de younger brother use the telefone until RM1500/month. then i kena firing becoz apparently never stop him from pou chok.

  3. last time when TM’s local call was on a fixed cost, my porridge can “slow-cook” up to few hours one time… but now… no more liao…

    maybe all this porridge contributes to TM’s decision to change it to a time-based charges šŸ™‚

  4. i am guilty as charged – at ONE time. now i how badly my parents would have loved to sell me off by the pound to pay for my assorted choks. baru tau the value of money. now sms oni quick calls…no pou chok oredi..

    i have this cousin who was SO bored at home that she ran up a RM5k telephone bill…beat yuin FLAT!! in this case, REALLY firing would have occurred. sigh.

    kids will nvr know until later on when then have a taste of paying their own bills.

    *speaking from experience*

  5. I used to ‘pou chok’ quite a lot back when I was in Secondary School. Now that my younger sis is starting the ‘pou chok’ and excessive online habits, I’ve become a strict disciplinarian… So sorry for her, cos’ my parents never checked on me but now I’m checking on her and grounded her from chatting online… Hehe, maybe it’s easier to control if the ‘pou chok’ person is your sis and not your child. šŸ™‚

  6. and that’s only my third one. i have 3 more ham chim peangs. Imagine! each of them have their own cellphone. each of them take turns to take their porridge. each of them has a friendster account. no wonder my hair is dropping rapidly.

    Hey, thanks for the link, mom.

  7. hmm … altho my turn not chet come but i alredi feel the pinch. I m sure my turn will come pretty soon, so from today onwards i wanna teach my kid to learn skype or google tok .. at least its free WUAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!

  8. Still ok lar. It is human nature to boil porridge. As long as they are not calling 600-number-that-make-you-gadai-everything. šŸ˜‰

    Beside communication, phone show how lonely a human being is.

  9. toxicle – Hahaha, how much is your service? Whoa….

    cmos – ‘Cos my son very ‘yau yeng’ leh. Fat-fat (or hunky wateva), tall-tall and dark. You need to eat more and get a suntan?

    moo_t – Aiyoh…when we were in Redang, also pou wor. Penang-Redang, I wonder what it costs.

    sexymama – Cost is not so much an issue yet. Rather, the annoyance of having a son who got no ears except on the phone. I need to holler every time like ‘eat dinner, study, etc’.

    Wingz – You are going to be disappointed. They dunwan to sit in front of computer. Must have mobility.

  10. Simon – Kids nowadays dunwan mozzie bites. Must have aircon. Dun worry, few more years I know you are going to gripe. Top Ten 10 things people did not tell about parenting.

    Inevitable – So far, no heart attack bill yet.

    ahpek – Dun ler. I very expert one, where can pain one? Hahaha, you got 4 hamchipengs? Want to be my besan or not?

    mayyin – Your poor, poor sister! So garang ah you?

    Yvy – When steady bf liao, less porridge to pou liao. Can go phaktoring mah.

  11. nerdook – Lucky 2xmum. I don’t know la, my kid oni Form Three ler. And 3 more to come. Arrggghhh

    egghead – I never pay bills so frankly, I have no idea how much. Leave it to my atm to kautim. I play the good guy.

    simmie – He has a limit of RM30 per month for his pre-paid. Sms costs only 1 cent. So far, so good.

    yuin – Pengsan! RM1.5K! I will skin my kid if he does that.

    Yvy – How to chalk up RM5K? Did he call porn line or what? Phewww…

  12. yioh…steady or not, now i more worried abt MONEY leh. value dropping so no point lar talk so much on the phone. like wat most ppl do, skype lar!! šŸ˜€

    i dunno ler…..

  13. I think it is a phase only lah.. lilian. i used to do phone porridge too.. till my mom get so mad with me.. someone that time. no need to pay extra.. still she is mad. But i think the more she didn’t want me on the phone.. the more i do it .. just to spite her.. hahahah!!

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