Boys and girls, here’s how you are made

*clear throats*

Boys and girls,

Today, 5xmom is going to present to you a very funny video sourced from The Bank Locater who got it from FlickerLab for American Planned Parenthood. (for some strange reason, I can’t access The Bank Locater when writing this post). But thanks to The Bank Locater and BOTD for the links.

You gotta watch the video. It is biology lesson taught by your genitals. Yeah, you read correctly. Your genitals are your teachers.

Hopefully all the boys and girls, not to mention all the clueless men and women learnt some facts about ‘How Pregnancy Happens’.

Be sure to drop your comments after watching the video. Shoot me any questions. Chewah, I am now a sex expert.

Caution : Don’t drink and watch. Don’t want you to spurt liquid out of your……your….your…..nose la.

14 thoughts on “Boys and girls, here’s how you are made

  1. What boys and girls …. I just learnt a thing or two .. or three maybe ten … ha ha ha …

    My parents bought us kids a book entitled “Where Do You Come From” when we were about 7 yo which told us about where we came from in a cartoon-like form. My bro and I used to giggle uncontrollably when reading the book …. and the clip just brought back those fond memories …….

  2. The cartoon is plain disgusting and seriously, I can not imagine anyone showing this to 12 year olds.

    FYI: Planned Parenthood is Pro-Choice and supports abortions and artificial contraceptions (I.e. they are in direct opposition to Catholic teaching)

  3. Hi Celestine – This is just a humourous video which I think can be educational because firstly, it tells people that it is not wise to even think about doing anything. They made it clear that there is no such thing as safe sex. Which if one looks at in a positive way, do realise the risk of getting pregnant and probably will refrain from it.

    You must realised that not everyone is a Catholic and therefore, if I were to keep talking about no premarital sex, no abortion, no artificial contraceptions etc, will anyone even listen? Hence, I took the middle path. I would prefer a handful people to realise how easy it is to get pregnant than everyone running away before I can even open my mouth to preach.

    I have people who wrote to me about her unplanned pregnancy. Do I preach to her about the evilness of pre-marital sex, not respecting the temple of God or do I tell her it is ok, don’t worry, just tell your parent and get married? So, you see, if one listens hard enough, they do hear the hidden message I am tyring to convey.

    Beside this, I also have teenagers who wrote to me asking about issues like religion and etc. They view me as ‘non-threatening’ because they trust that I won’t shove Bible verses down their conscience.

    As for the source of the video, well, I did not check but think if one just take the video as it is, there is no problem at all. I would rather have young people know how easy it is to get a girl pregnant (i.e. seminal fluid deposited OUTSIDE can even do the job) in the hope of preventing another unplanned pregnancy which will leads to abortion than to expect everyone to follow what Catholics do. You have to understand that not everyone grow up in a Catholic home, went through cathecism class from 5 years old to Form Four and mix with Catholics.

    I cannot find the verse right now but I hold to the words of St. Paul that when we preach, we preach in something the other party can understand, with a touch of wit than to rant on with something no one understands. Whether they will end up followers of Christ and a Catholic or not, I leave that to the Lord.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing that out.

  4. omg..for a person who hardly reads the Bible, i KNOW that verse!!! (yes, i am a sinner and i shud REALLY buck up but God understands, doesnt He?) sked edi….

  5. Yvy – Hehehe, I know a lot of verses but can never remember from which chapter and which book. But at least, I know some lah.

    chief – Humorous.

    nerdook – It is just cartoon, nothing much. Unless you look closely at the gown…

    simyin – It is so well illustrated one tends to remember.

    Pompit – I watched it twice ‘cos it is so funny. I love the buzzer part.

  6. haha i’ve seen it. really good~! 🙂 thanks for the link… wonder why my parents never taught me anything like that. later i go complain to them.

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