GODZILLA, not, Godiva


RM124 for 15 pieces. That’s about RM9 per mouthful.

Few days ago, on my birthday…I was MSN-ing with someone:

Me : Arggh…I am getting the big O from looking at chocolate pics. (My flickr group has a chocolate theme)

He : Look closer? You can see cellulite there.

Me : I’d rather die a corpse with cellulites than a perfect body with no soul. Eat first, die later?

And yesterday night……

Tadaaa, my atm bought a box of Godiva chocolates from KLIA. Ei, we Penang people don’t get stuffs like this on our kiam-siap island you know?

Wait when my kids aren’t watching, I am going to gobble them up all by myself. But not before I take macro shot of each piece first.

Next mission – Manja atm for a box from Neuhaus. Heard it is even more expensive.

29 thoughts on “GODZILLA, not, Godiva

  1. damn…i miss those. had a box delivered to me by a friend from UAE some years ago. made sure NO ONE touched it at home coz my house full of hanto cokelat. sigh….

  2. I used to eat those while in the USA. Charged to my ex-company as part of my regular diet.

    When I went to Brussels, Godiva and Neuhaus was all the craze. But a friendly local told us we should try Leonidas, as the quality is not *that* different, and it’s about half the price. I bought by the KGs.

    Then I came back to Malaysia, went to a mall the next day, and there it was – a Leonidas shop (with prices marked up much higher of course).

  3. Debbie – I checked the site and it seems to have foreign language la. Is it available here in Msia?

    Bryan – Show me on Google map where you house is and I send by missile one piece to chia you? Hahaha.

    simon – You hinting hor? When is your bday? I buy kandos for you.

    mahagurusia – Yalor, expensive. That’s why it become special.

    totoro – Now another brand – Leonidas. Must watch out for these when I am in KL next.

    Yvy – My toddler just took one and smear on his face. So, now I have to betul-betul hide it.

    Asyraf – I am not sure where the outlet is but I know there are Godiva in KL.

  4. RM9 a mouthful! (*Pengsan*) Mr MG is the choc fan not me but I SAHM no money to buy for him Godzilla brand, Kit Kat can or not you think? kekekeke.

  5. A friend once said that chocolate is so good it should be made illegal.

    In a way, it is. I mean, some of the looks people give us when we’re eating chocs….

    Can we help it if chocolate puts a smile on our faces?

  6. Lilian – I think the website stated Singapore but not Malaysia, sadly. I’ve only seen it in Sydney myself. And they’re incredibly expensive. AUD2.50 for a tiny piece.

    I think they’re Israel chocolates.

  7. wendy – Psst…a smart girl doesn’t spend this kind of money wan. Get some guy to buy wan.

    totoro – I think the other site given by Debbie is not Belgian. They use some funny language. But the site is cool.

    Oli – Can…get the lou kong to buy one. Just ‘teh’ oni mah.

    Debbie – If it is made in Israel, then it will never land in Msia. Haha.

    plink – Good ones are worth getting fat over, right?

    MG – That’s why I ration lor. And my eldest son gave me back and said, “Nah, take back. Give me 10 bucks, I don’t eat also never mind.” Kit Kat USED to be heavenly until they are made in Malaysia.

  8. totoro – was referring to Max Brenner chocolates from Israel šŸ™‚ Not the Belgian chocolates.

    Lilian – this is weird. Why wouldn’t it land in Malaysia? I am guessing this is because it wouldn’t be Halal?

  9. Oh yeah horrrr…. sorry debbie dear. i blur case. šŸ™‚

    Coz Israel passport tak laku for Malaysia, and M’sia passport tak laku for Israel. But can always get a middleman kua.

  10. Haha, no problems totoro! šŸ™‚

    Ahh… that is right. I thought it was something like that. I guess if anybody drops by nearby Singapore, then can definitely get Max Brenner.

    Not sure where in SG though. I just thought I saw on the Max Brenner website that it’s available in SG.

    Lilian – Ooh… Godiva dark chocolates are yummy!! Which are your favourites?

  11. Chocolates are good for your health!!! Girls tell your hubby its very healthy due to the flavonoids. We usually buy a lot at Christmas for staff and friends and I get freebies šŸ™‚

  12. O the Godivas creme brulee coffee is to die for,,,cant say too much about the hot chocolate though

  13. lilian: Yes. The better, the fatter! On this theory alone, I have enjoyed a whole lot of very good chocolate. šŸ™‚

    Aiyah… My name is plink and I am a chocaholic. How about everyone else?

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