WTF?!? Male needs skincare?

I clutched my only purchase and stand in the queue. A RM135 SKII Facial Cleanser. No matter how the sales promoter try to entice me with ‘buy RM580, get this, buy RM780 get even more’, I kept shaking my head. Nah ah, no way am I going to spend another RM600 on something frivolous.

So, there I was standing in the long line at Parkson Grand. Today is Member’s Day = 5x Bonus Link points, discount 10%, every RM120, get RM10 voucer. Queue was blardy long.

And this clean looking guy about mid 20 stood behind me. The sales promoter of another brand of cosmetics passed him a huge packet of stuffs and freebies.

I thought to myself, “Wah, such a nice boyfriend. Queue for the girlfriend and somemore buy so many items.”

But no…..

His other male friend came by and off he went to Bobbi Brown counter and start looking at the men skincare.

Then, he came back to the line and whined about buying. His male friend asked why he needs so many when he had just bought a set.

He said something like, “Very good, you know. Professionals use. Aiyer…I feel like buying la. RM850 ONLY. Aiyer…good for my open pores. If I buy now, I get RM450 free gifts. Aiyer…how? Buy or not?”

WTF? Does he really need all those skincare? How much time is he going to need to go through the whole ritual every morning? RM850 ONLY?

I thought men only need soap and water? How many males really go through scrubbing, cleansing, toning, moisturising, mask, whitening and whatever?

Frankly, I don’t think I can enjoy a boyfriend with porcelain facial skin. That would be too much of a competition, isn’t it? Running the fingers through smooth skin won’t be as sexy as touching a rough male skin with stubbles, right?

Males – What is your skincare regime? To put it in your male language – What do you wash your face with?

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  1. me… soap and water… the soap also special one, must be on offer.. But I got use syampoo one lar.. soap on my hair makes it look like a brush…

    Putting new meaning to one size fits all, for me its one soap fits all..

  2. oh my god he’s bloody gay.

    anyway, what do I wash my face with? I thought a bath takes care of everything. i let the shampoo on my hair drip down to my face and I let gravity decide its path downwards.

    usually if i sweat in the afternoons, just splash some water and i’m fine.

  3. That’s what we call metrosexual guys! Well, what’s wrong with guys taking care of their skin? It’s like asking what’s wrong with women wearing jeans instead of skirt…

    A guy with acne all over his face, scars, blackheads and so on.. compared with a guy with nice, spotless skin…which one would u choose?

  4. I’ve noticed a trend that young girls these days prefer ahkua-looking guys. Probably beacuse of that Bae Jong Yun fellar. Smooth skin is preferred. I’d rather be without a girl than become ahkua like those people man.

  5. eh, I also went to Parkson today!!! The one in One Utama, though.

    Yeah, my mom got all excited that it was BonusLink x5 points day!!! My mom said, buy somore lah, if buy another RM70, we get another RM10 voucher! Then, we have total of RM30 voucher and then we can buy somore and I get more BonusLink points!!!


  6. grace – TQ!

    Paul – Aiyor, dun la, nanti you become monk.

    andrew – So it is a trend ya? Of course, not acne la. But also not porcelain skin. I got 4 sons so that means I must budget for their skin care, no?

    Din – You said it, not me ok? I takut kena flame la oi. I only ask about skin care, not questioning the sexual preference. Nanti I punya punggung kena bakar.
    Adoi, you mean 8555 spent more on his skincare ya?

    neeshen – Male skin doesn’t need much care la. After the pimply teenage years, most men have normal looking skin liao. I think even my hubby never wash his face oso. One time bath, from hair to toe, kautim.

  7. For ur sons, make sure u feed them with tomatoes everyday… lol. Prevention is better than cure! A lot of guys out there have nice skin even though they don’t take good care of it…I guess they must’ve been eating really healthy food…

  8. BAR SOAP! CAP BURUH or LAM SOON! no ahkua stuffs, men who put stuffs on their face are cibai pondan … imagine lar .. if they kena NS then they kena pack all their makeup to go to the camp !!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMFG!!! BAPOK!!!!

  9. Hmph .. how ah to say …. Mr Pompit was introduced to the cleanse-exfoliate-moisturize regime by yours truly and he has been doing it religiously ever since. Skin not porcelain like-lah .. but clean mah …. We share … šŸ™‚

  10. samm – ooh, that is even more sexy. LOL!

    pompit – Chewah, patut muka berseri-seri. Eh, eh, he got patience kah? Mine one, kalau my face still moist from my cream and terkena his face, ish, he rubbed like kena tahi oni. LOL!

    Wingz – Yikes, Cap Buruh mya sabun, want to wash my panties I sked. Sked too strong, kain pun koyak. HAHAHA. And then hor, you don’t simply comment like that la. I can be sued for whachacall sedition?

    Din – 8555 deserves rainx la.

    Bryan – Aiyer…really many aiyer la. I dare not blog too much about that, sked kena flame.

    andrew – Tomatoes! That’s what samm just blogged.

  11. Don’t discriminate lar.

    It is something that we don’t understand (or because we are old enough to do act things ROFL)

    There is no different for a guy do make up, just think it is a TOY for them. 5xmom, did you ever go see those magazine on the shelf? Notice those “sneaker” trends, it is the something that we don’t understand (or perhaps we pretend to not understand).

    Some prefer to show off muscle; some to show off skin; show off jewelry; collections,etc. And you all know the reason behind the “show off” ;). bwahahahhaah.

  12. I think male needs skin care too, but no need so expensive sampai BOBBY BROWN, SK II, LA MER…..all these la…..

    RM850 ONLY ?? Can buy many tomatoes leh!

  13. Metrosexual or Homosexual??? By the way of the ‘Aiyer’s… I think they’re really homo lor… EEeee… so geli…
    One day during lunch, I saw a group of 4 guys, 3 of them wearing pink t-shirts… Not shocking pink but those soft pink… And with their hair style… I really feel geli lor… Sorry if I offended guys who wears pink shirts, but not everyone can carry off pink mar….

  14. I use water …. no soap even. But frankly, it’s not good. My GF buys and force me to use but I always go back to my usual self. Using only water.

  15. speaking of which, some guys in my hostel used this horrible soap called ‘cap 999’ chlorophyll soap, its green in color and shows a parrot (?). WTF? isn’t that used for washing clothes?!

  16. hahaha welcome lilian to the world of metrosexuals šŸ˜€

    anyway i would like to hv my man to go thru a basic ritual of cleanse and moisturise cos his skin a bit dry and flaky. but he very stubborn, just use his eversoft cleanser, dat’s it! sighhh…

  17. aiyoo…thats a bit TOO much la. i think a facial face is good enough. other wise i would feel weird….then who knows, must share MY make-up with him pulak….yioh!! no thanks…i think i still prefer a MANLY man. dun wan the lembik kind. eee…..

  18. bagger… from what I hear on radio competition participants.. more and more guys (who participated) sounds “kem kem” one… sigh!

    maybe those are the ones who went for skin care…

    me? soap is more than enough lah šŸ˜›

  19. RM850 for skincare…???? Imagine how many pizzas and sushis and ice-creams you can buy with that….. šŸ™‚

  20. I use Face Wash and Facial Scrub only. Metrosexuals and homosexuals are very close, because, metrosexuals like homosexuals are effeminate but they don’t indulge in homosexual activities, thus the category metrosexual.
    And today, its not suprising to find gay couples around KL, like KLCC and those. Moreover, gays shall not be discriminated but they should be helped, to overcome their homosexuality, it can be done and a metrosexual need not be gay. Some of the comments, are really funny, like if I see one lady, standing with another friend of hers, can I label her a homosexual as well?
    Never judge a book by its cover, anyway, another great post lilian.
    P.S. Sorry if I sounded harsh

  21. Amboi, pampered-nye. LOL! šŸ˜›

    Well, the most I use is Biore Facial Wash and if I get pimples, my mum will push the Fruition on me. sigh.. oh well..

  22. Ahemz…I must speak!!

    I think there’s nothing wrong with a guy using a proper facial wash (and not soap bars and body washes) and a proper moisturiser. Trust me…skincare products for men were invented to help the younger ones combat serious acne problems. But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, having facial washes and moisturisers to care for your face is absolutely normal for men. I dun find them Ah Kua or gay or soft or anything but I would think that they have finally understand the importance of taking care of your skin and have finally grew out of those “Skincare regime is only for female” mentality.

    Having said all that, shit man…those guys are definitely GAY!!!!!!!! RM850 only??? OMG…even if there are men who cares extra for their skin, only rich/gay guys would buy something so expensive and say “RM850 only”. So if he’s not gay, he’s rich. OR, he might be this model so it’s understandable that he needs to spend extra alot to protect his fan wun.

    My BF uses bodyshop’s facial wash for men and moisturiser and he has a scrub which he uses once a week and a clay mask which he uses whenever he’s free or feel like it. I think it’s normal because he doesn’t want his acne days to come back again.

    Lilian, maybe you can advise your sons to not wash his face with soap bars? Heehee It’s very very bad for the skin even if in fact, male’s skin are thicker. Even my dad has resorted to a proper facial wash. Just a normal facial wash would do. No need moisturiser and all.

  23. I just read a blog from Philippine, apparently very famous! ?? And I’m pretty sure he uses skincare stuff. Can’t imagine the amount of money he will spend! kekeke….

    For me? I am a soap & water man. Still as hansem wah. :))

  24. As more women enter traditional male ground, so will the male enter traditional female ground. Natural progression I guess.

    Me.. I even forget to comb my hair half the time, and haven’t shaved in about a week. Only soap touches my face apart from shaving cream. Very much your average next-door Neanderthal šŸ˜€

  25. soap and water does not damage your skin, the facial cleanser does. I know best bcoz thats what i do … you guys are being conned to buy those cleanser. Its all fake, those are packaging and marketing gimmick! This is kambing to you from an expert! šŸ˜›

  26. Dingbat lah you wingz…I tested with my kertas litmus last time in school. Soap is more damaging than facial wash coz your facial skin is more delicate and sensitive compared to your body skin but for men..ahahha…it might be abit different coz their skin is tebal everywhere =P

    I also tested on myself, fulamak, my face became 10x oilier because the soap cabut out all the oil from your skin until the core so the sebum will produce extra!

    This too is kambing to you from an expert user =P

  27. waliao….RM850 only…

    now i use clinique soap/scrub/moisturizer… and i have one clinique pore minimixer too but seldom use now (same brand as my wife so that can share lah…no speacial men series here…)

    last time i got one box of free SKII facial mask from my colleague, tried with my wife. nice.

    need moisturizer leh or else the face very the dry here in Beijing…

  28. Wingz – I helped you do market survey liao, you go produce a line of facial care for men hor?

    Wahlau eh, too many comments, I cannot reply all liao. Tenkiu, tenkiu X 42 times.

  29. I’m a guy and I use SK-II also haha…its nice but expensivelar..thankfully penang got this 10% off thing…these skincare products nowadays are not limited only to gals and homosexual guys XD Everyone need a proper skincare product if they wanna look at their best XD After all good looks sell XD

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