If you think auntie is bad, wait till you get ‘ah nya’

Ah Nya is in Hokkien. Translation:
Bahasa Malaysia – Cik adik
Tamil – Minachi
Cantonese – Siew mui mui
English – Little girl

So, I have a message for women who grumbled being called ‘auntie’. Take it and take comfort.

‘Cos I has just been called ‘Ah Nya’. And I feel like puking. Oh my goodness!

I went out to lunch with my four kids. Whenever we go anywhere, we are a spectacle because the eldest would act cool, the middle two would fight and the fourth would scream if he cannot get his way. So, I have a choice of wearing like an Ah Soh and be the harrassed housewife or put one some make-up and wear proper clothes.

There is this 70 yrs old nice, friendly old man who sells fruits. And the conversation went something like this:

5xmom : Give me two pieces Bali pineapple and two agar-agar (jellies). Put in separate plastic bags. (meant for my kids and I)

Ah Pek : Wah….your sons ah, Ah Nya?

5xmom hair stands. Nod a bit.

5xmom : Pineapple put white salt. Don’t want plum salt.

Ah Pek : Wah….Ah Nya, your bebe (baby) very ‘sui’. You also very sui.

5xmom : Give me the white (colourless) jelly. Don’t want colour (pink) one.

Ah Pek : That one your eldest son ah? Wah…he very ‘kuan tua’ (tall and big). Just like you. *grins his toothless grin, eyes sparkling with white hairs eyebrows*

5xmom : -_-” (cold sweats)

Ah Pek : *packing pineapple* Mai chiak ong lai cheh-cheh hor?
(Don’t eat too much pineapple, ok? Chinese have this joke that if you missed a period, eat pineapple. It is not a very flattering joke. Boh lai chiak ong lai.)

And here is what I wanted to say to Ah Pek but dare not.

Ah Pek ah, you so old until got glaucoma liao. Why you still want to be fresh like your fruits hor? I take the papaya and smash them on your head baru tau. Then, I take the banana and stuff your mouth. You are such an adorable grandfather and I do love your fruits because they are so fresh and sweet. But when you start telling a 40 yrs old auntie she is ‘sui’ and repeatedly call her Ah Nya and got that humsup look on your face, then you are a certified DOM!

So, call me auntie anytime.

*sigh* Out to park again. Hope don’t get harrassed by monkeys again.

23 thoughts on “If you think auntie is bad, wait till you get ‘ah nya’

  1. piang eh.. hahahahha its ok… its ok… ah nya is a respectful term… i’ll call you AH NYA from now on…


    (i have a button on my site that calls myself auntie minishorts, dannyfoo’s fault).

  2. sometimes i can’t stand shopkeepers or stallkeepers who talk too much when you stand there waiting for them to bungkus your order!

    hahaha boh lai chiak ong lai.
    i love the chinese language, always rhyming here and there.

  3. Ah Eah not mean ‘kakak’ ar?

    Wah, Lau Ah Pek got the hots for 5xMom! If Lau Ah Peks are judging a beauty contest then habisla, 5xMom win hands down!

    ‘Cause maybe, just maybe, 5xMom really is sui.


    >Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she won-der-ful?

  4. nya = siew mui mui?


    nya here mean auntie lah…short form for nyoNYA
    normally malay guy call chinese aunty nya….not sure in penang though


    pity the ahpek..was just trying to be friendly….mana tau itu lilian thought he hamsap

  5. aye aye auntie “salutes”

    wah u always go youth park ah ? Me Dec 3-4 oso will be there worrr

    going for Penang MTB jamboreeeeeeeee….

    MTB = mari tolak basikal…

  6. aiyah, ah nya… how to complain.. old man likes you, monkeys also go for you, must be very lovable -lah. Enjoy the attention lor or next time 80 years old complain no-one notice you.hahahaha

  7. Wei…

    Lu chai all Ah Peks are generally hamsap. So we cannot do anything about it lor. Haih.

    But this post damn funny lar. My ass nearly dropped off cause I am laughing too hard. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Damn hardcore.

  8. Hey.. Lilian,
    My mom used to say that ah pek so hamsup one..! and then hor.. when we were kids.. we think .. my mom so mountain tortoise one.. ppl be nice also say hamsup.. !! hahahha!! so now i know.. true one.. got hamsup old man around.. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sorry mom.. we all thought you a little senile then.. hahaha!!

  9. I thought it’s when you have your period you cannot eat ong lai, since it’s supposed to be very cooling???

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