Lucky Seven

This is started by Yvy and n305er passed it to me. I found Wingz version so farny. Since so short one so I am doing it. Still got one shoe meme I owe Fashionasia and another food meme I owe boo_licious.

Seven things you plan to do before you die :

1) Tell those people who really means to me – I love you

2) Travel the world from pole to pole (oi, I had been to Australia,
China, France, Italy, HK, most of Asean, so left north and south pole, ok?)

3) Dedicate my life to some orphanage (wait when my kids are older la)

4) Bungee jumping (and hope to die in the process)

5) Make those who loves me, tell me – I love you

6) Scuba diving (can die in the process too, but not before I took some Nat. Geo quality photos)

7) See that my blog lives on (Immortalise me blog!)

Seven things I could do :

1) Brainwash people with my ideals

2) Stand firm

3) Not getting angry

4) Make someone happy

5) Make someone love me

6) Have buddies of the opposite sex

7) World PEACE

7 Celebrity crushes :

1) Nicholas Cage

2) Jacky Cheung

3) Gallen Lo (oi, dun laugh, ok?)

4) Sean Connery (when he wasn’t that old la)

5) Die, die, I cannot think of any more celeb but normal people can ah? Abuden, I cannot reveal la.

7 often repeated words

1) CheeBye

2) Ee ea mak (your mother)

3) Phukey

4) Bhuuuto engkau

OK, that’s enough! Censored!

5) You can do it

6) It’s ok

7) Never mind….
(these are for my kids)

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex

1) Ahem, moustache and beard. (psst…next time I blog the saucy tale)

2) Height and muscles

3) Errm…does voice count? Deep tone voice. Gasau sikit macam Michael Bolton

4) Hairy chest and limbs (oi, not gorilla ok?)

5) Squarish jaw

6) Sensous lips

7) Melting eyes

(Dun let my atm see this or I die! He sent me to gorilla sanctuary nanti.)

I am suppose to tag seven people. But heh, I won’t. However, I hope seven or even more people will take this up from me. Please do….It will means a lot to me.

Oi, oi, where are you all running? Come back! Take this from here. Take those words in bold and add yours and tag more. With all these seditious scary monster going on, better we blog about fluffy stuffs like this, wei.

13 thoughts on “Lucky Seven

  1. Wingz – Oi, how dare you compare with me hor? Wanna kena ah?

    RB – Argggh…I am in love. I especially like the Threshold of an Era (1). Been listening to the song.

    lynee – TVB actors, the manly type ones, not the ahkua like the koreans one

    Julee – Yay, got member. I like his voice too. Too bad he doesn’t become very famous singer. Prolly his face too serious and he not a playboy.

    egghead – I airhead mah. But actually I copied Wingz’s world piss. LOL

    tj & bawang merah – Come for a ride with me, you can hear it often.

    Max – Yalor, I like beruks.

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