It takes two to tango

This is about the hoo-haa on the people going around making defaming comments in innocent people’s blog then that seditious thingie looms and people start questioning etc etc. I am not going into details as I guess most regulars would know what I am rambling about.

Let’s think for a while. It takes two to tango. Bloggers are NOT ALL that innocent. Many had incite hatred. Many have intentionally posted stuffs that leave a big ‘WELCOME’ sign for other people to do the dirty job of belittling other races, religions and colours and whatever shit that they dislike using their comment board.

I have seen enough bloggers, even the so-called ‘vets’ who doing this drama. Sometimes, I am guilty of using this approach too. Pretend to be politically correct and then intentionally leave a question mark so that other people can add the flavours. I sit back and still remain innocent but my intended vile message have been blasted out through someone’s thoughts.

Usually, the sensitive issues are religions, races, NEP, education, colours and APs. Sometimes, the bloggers get carried away blasting about an issue and in the process swiped all the innocent people.

I have personally edited Wingz’s comment before when I feel what he posted can be sensitive issue. I know he won’t be offended by my action but nevertheless, he did protest. I told him that I will not allow it because I have friends of all races to consider.

So, you see? It just take the delete button. Then, there is the moderation button. I had defaming comments left on my site regularly. People who questioned my faith, the upbringing of my own kids etc. I just delete them and forget it. They probably have an issue with their ownselves and taking it out on me. Fine. You move on, I move on. You post again, I delete again.

Back to the issue, I do wonder. If indeed the authorities (which I don’t know who) put a clamp on malicious comments, what about malicious blogs? Who is going to be the watchdog? Do we want watchdogs sniffing us out?

We bloggers are admitedly drama kings and queens. If someone stepped on our toes, we screamed like it is the end of the world. Then, we use the blog to declare war on the world, cursing people ancestors and descendants.

So, at the end of the day, I still see my blog as a stage to act out dramas. One has to be smart enough not to blend real life and blog life into one. This is important lesson I learnt from the survivor of the fittest game.

Feel free to interpret what I said. I promise not to touch the delete button.

9 thoughts on “It takes two to tango

  1. hehe, life is but a stage play, and lilian jie jie is the drama queen. *hugs*

    erm, imho lilian jie jie is right in that some blogs are just stages to act out dramas that we can’t in real life (and where have the power to hit the ‘delete’ and ‘edit’ buttons).

    and then hor, got some blogs that only ever want to talk on and on about those real-life issues, u know la, like the good and bad about companies, gomen, medicine, motherhood, law, gadgets… *yawn*

    i like drama blogs better. like watching tv series on wah lai toi lidat, and never-ending some more, like ‘zhan cheng’.

  2. Yep, that’s what the delete button is for. What you can’t ‘delete’ in real life, you can do it online and then move on. Life’s too short to get ‘kek sam’ over things like these. In the case highlighted in the papers, maybe the blogger was also trying to protect himself in case the authorities implicate him in one way or another when it is not his fault the comments were left there. Just my two cents worth.

  3. I have to agree :\ And that’s probably one of the reasons why I went from having a public, well-visited blog to a private friends only journal instead. I’m just too lazy to deal with matters like this!

    Anyway I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for awhile now, definitely an entertaining read. Keep it up! 🙂

  4. bkworm – This is not in direct reference to that one single comment in Peter’s blog. There is a bigger undercurrent as far as I see. If it is just about Peter, I wouldn’t have blogged it. Can you imagine the table being turned around where everyone is at each other throats over blogs? What is the future of blogging then? Once our ‘authority’ got hold of an excuse, then we are at their mercy.

    ahpek – Keep churning out those pantuns and poems. We need that. Enough sandiwara already.

    totoro – Hahaha, zhan cheng very nice…..

    foodcrazee – Age probably is not a factor to some, though.

  5. there’s this famous episode of Buffy the vampire slayer, where they sing and dance throughout the episode.

    the final song has buffy opening with…

    “Life’s a show and We all play our parts…”

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