Just so that some of the minions out there know, I am soon approaching some bad days. I can swing from one end of happiness, gladness and relief to the other end of frustrations, anger, disappointments, endless ‘whys’ and other self-pity but deserving period.

Look at the side bar. Four years ago, my dream was chopped off. That hurt never leaves me. It only fuel my desire to do something meaningful to this life.

I consider myself to be the strongest woman because I found God. Or rather He probably had pulled me through long before I know who the heck is Jesus.

I am not someone who lives on the credit of my bereaved parent status. I had never once asked for sympathy from even my own husband or my siblings.

I am one tough nut and my way of coping is to put my life out for others. I had been hurt many times in the process. I had been taken for granted. In my deepest, darkest moments, I had revealed things I shouldn’t to other women in my shoes. I had faced betrayal.

So, to all the minions out there (those who probably do not read this. I am not referring to you, my regular readers, ok?), know that I can be very vile and very cruel if I ever feel anyone taking me for granted or taking advantage of my generousity. I do all the donkey jobs because deep in my heart, I know that there are a lot of good that comes out of me. I don’t ask for any credits but don’t anyone dare to discredit.

I have no feelings, no qualms, no sympathy to people when I feel they don’t deserve it.

My tongue is razor sharp and my heart does not bleed. So, all the drama kings and drama queens sekalian, don’t test my patience. I have the patience of Job but I also have the vileness of the serpent.

So, don’t any chowcheebyes try to test my patience. I don’t exist for stupid, dumb ass, close minded, selfish pundeks. I do whatever I do because I have a purpose. That purpose is a big, big picture. How big I also don’t know because it is not drawn by me. And if you do not fit in to my big, big jigsaw, you risk getting fark with my razor tongue.

That is not a pleasant thing because your shallow minds and small hearts can never ever live in peace after I karn you with my chosen words. You will live with anger, embarassment, dissatisfaction, revenge and all the ill-feelings. It will eats into you so much that when you want to open legs, you also get angry with me. So? In the end, who lose? You won’t be able to get orgasm because you wrongly stepped on my toes.

As for me, I will go *muahahahahar*, victory! Damn shiok that I found another one miserable woman to thrash. Damn shiok that I can delete another flaming comment. Damn shiok that the delete button is in my hand. Damn shiok that I can silence you. Each one gives me the affirmation that heck, I am damn pahwerful, mannn.

So, moral of the story. I am very, very nice. I am very, very kind. But that doesn’t mean anyone can make a doormat out of my generousity.

Too bad, no comments allowed for this ranting. Better enjoy reading it because I don’t always do this. In fact, go copy and paste this to your computer. Just in case next time you want to diu some people but cannot find the right words.

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