Does mom let you ride a bike?


Everybody, say ‘awwww, so cute’.

Thank you.

*above photo taken at somewhere along the E-W highway. This little bike is made in China, cost RM1,000. It looks really cun.*

Now, my eldest is going to be 16 years old next year. His father definitely lets him get his bike licence. In fact, right now, he allows his son to ride around the neighbourhood to warm up our Yamaha scooter’s engine. *duh*

His father also takes the youngest toddler on short distance bike ride. *double duh* Don’t look at me! I had never rode on that scooter since it was bought three years ago. I am against the idea and principle of ma, pa and kid on a bike.

Tell me which boy (regardless of age, 8 mths to 80 yrs old) doesn’t enjoy a bike ride, eh? So, in a few months time, I am going to bite my nails, pull my hair and tell my son, ‘You go, boy!’. But in most parents’ hearts, they will worry sick.

I came from a family who DO NOT ride motorbikes. Yeah, we are all sissies. During my eldest nephew’s time, the road wasn’t that dangerous. (he is a doctor and 30 yrs old now) My 2nd brother-in-law did not allow his three sons to ride a bike.

*Heh, can’t resist showing off my little biker on his Suzuki/Lucky Strike bike. BTW, we only borrow it for photography.*

So, errm…what do you all think of riding a bike? Dangerous hor? But some decisions are not within my control so I better start dealing with them now.

*footnote : This latest news is so sad. Seven people, three of them police were killed in Penang.*

Tell me if you own a bike’s licence? And better still, how many boos-boos have you met?

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  1. LOL…I hate to ride a motorbike..the thought of falling off it and get myself run over some other vehicle just makes me say no to motor ride….Kind of phobia lar…after seeing my neighbour meet with motor accident and 2nd to that mom don’t allow me to do so..haha

  2. Lilian,
    I couln’t help but smiling at your sweet angel’s face expression. He has this mischievous eyes like he is planning to suprise Mommy. :))

  3. i ride a bike, in KL. My dad believes in having another means of transportation cos we dont have a car back then. Of course, my mom is against it having the thought that if i ride a bike, ppl will bang me, if i drive a car, i’ll bang ppl kind of thingy. Still, i have license for both. But thank goodness i can ride a bike, otherwise i’ll have to take buses.

  4. takda bike license.wanted to take it last time but never got around to do it.i wanted the license for just in case situations nia.doubt my parents will buy me a bike and lemme ride it on pg’s roads.

  5. careful ah..nanti your son use the kap-chai to go kau lui!!!

    My family oso don’t like motorbikes lor because they worry that I’ll get hurt especially with all the terrible and inconsiderate drivers out there. I curi-curi go take lesson šŸ˜›

  6. Re the news article, it bears the profile of another senseless senseless accident + deaths: driver 20 years old, lost control of car at 2 am in the morning.

  7. I have bike license and enjoy riding bike. I had few accidents with bike, anyway thanks god nothing major.

    Ya, bike might seems dangerous. Yet, if accident were to happen doesn’t matter you are on bike or car or plane it will happen and can be as bad as it can be.

    Be as careful as you can, and the rest just leave it to god (or fate or karma or whatever that you believe in).

  8. Hmm… I used to ride a bike back home in Taiping. I rode a bike here too in KL. But I’m not sure if I’d ever want Jesse to ride one.

  9. I grew up on driving motorcycle until I started to work in KL.

    It’s fun, so convenience, no need to face the traffic jam problem.

    I miss those days!

  10. 5xmom, as the incident you describe, I really don’t know whether I should say sorry to the police or curse for their (the police) stupidity.

    I learn that Malaysian police are pretty “unwise” when setting up road block, especially in blind spot to TRAP people. And the blind spot means the police themself can’t see incoming vehicle from far(at least 1 km away, some smart-alecks setup road block with 50 meters visibility, e.g. around the corner). At the end, they pay their life with this “smart idea”.

    Is Penang police smarter when seting up road block?

  11. My mum never allow me to ride a bike, not even once. She fears that what happened to my grandpa will happen to me. My grand father was a newspaper vendor riding on motorcyle, one day he slipped while sending newspaper and was run over by a truck …

  12. i rode a bike when i was studying at USM, of course my dad said please ride in campus ground only but son with mischievous smile, a bit like your son’s had other ideas. rode all over penang. sometimes carry girls some more šŸ˜‰

  13. i rode a kapchai for 4 years in uni… managed to survived without any accidents, except one bruise (stupid mistake in car park) and one almost accident…

    anyway nowadays i don’t recommend ANYoNE to ride a bike. its just too dangerous.

  14. I did the same… putting my son on one harley and another GP bike in Jusco so that I can take pictures of him… LOL
    But I don’t think I will ever allow him to ride a bike in those suicidal KL roads šŸ™

  15. eeeehh…i was proud when i learnt how to ride an Ex-5 within 15 min from my L-lesen cousin (those days la) but now, i dunno where those guts went to. sigh. now i’m only the pilion rider – only thing is my interest on bikes naik pangkat to LARGER bikes like *ahem* MOTUKI (cmos/blur sotong’s bike).

  16. Well. we donch own a bike.. but i know my spouse would love to have one.
    My ex-store manager .. has/had one.. donch know if she still have it or not.. coz’ she is in the habit of selling it.. and buying a new one.. when summer comes. Anyhow.. she and her b/f got so many accident.. i was worried for her.. when she was working for us.
    But now that she isn’t working for us no more.. i’m not inclined to worry about her safety.
    Would i let my kid ride a bike.. ?? yes.. ! the kid gotta be taught how to be ride safely.. and how to “a-lat”.

  17. mum wont let me ride a bike, no license till now. She says in Hokkien ” car – thik pau bak, bike – bak pau thi” translation – car – metal wrap flesh, bike – flesh wrp metal.

    So, bike was a no no until i was in Vetnam back in 94 – 98. The most convenient transportation – motorbike. i dont even have helmet on. not required by law. Dangerous as i’ve seen accident there. 2 bikers head on collision HEAD to HEAD. dats what i meant, one biker’s head against the other biker’s head. wont go into details. what abt, flat bikers underneath a truck – container.

    ouch! enough said. bike is still dangerous at our age now the 30’s and above. a definitely no no for me.

  18. Honda EX5 was the only transport I had since form 3 til 2 years ago.

    In Penang, riding a bike isn’t a bad idea because the distance is relatively shorter and less highway. I was a bike rider both in Penang and KL. If you think riding a bike in Penang is dangerous, then in KL it’s suicidal.

    Anyway, as long as you don’t speed until you can’t really control the bike, you will be ok. The problem is how many youngsters don’t go speeding? :p The fastest I drove was 140km/hr using my uncle’s Yamaha Sport 3 started from the traffic light in front Union High School til the end of the flyover back in form 4. I thanked GOD nothing happened to me, that’s the only craziest thing I have ever done in my bike riding life. There were some less crazy rides also, like from Wangsa Maju to USJ using the MRR2 highway at a moderate speed and from Setapak to PJ using Federal highway using a map at a moderate speed too.

    Personally, I wont allow my children to ride a bike if I can afford them a car. You just won’t know what they will do especially when they are driving in a gang. They will just go out of their minds like what I did as an immature teenager. :p

    Anyway, if you still see me riding a bike on the road these days, the fastest now is 60km/hr. šŸ™‚

  19. I don’t know how to ride a bike and I would want to learn but my parents said no. Well I guess it’s dangerous that is why they didn’t want to let me learn how to ride a bike. I feel it’s cool when you’re riding a big bike. Man…. Hahaha.

    Well it is dangerous and moreover teenagers nowadays don’t obey the rules and they just do it their way. If they’re thoughtful enough, am sure it’s not gonna be dangerous.

  20. Important things to know when riding motorbike:

    MUST wear helmet and proper shoes. No selipar! šŸ™‚

  21. Bikes means mobility freedom and teenager magnet (you know what I mean). So you better educate your son and teach them some basic guideline: be smart on the road, don’t do stupid things.
    – Turn down any speed challenge
    – Turn on all sensors when riding. DO NOT USE Ipod when riding.
    – No SMS during riding
    – No handphone, not even handfree. Turn it off when riding.
    – If the situation is dangerous(e.g. big car, lorries ocuppied all the lanes), pull off from the road instead taking the challenge
    – Never ever ride on highway (because all riders will sped unintentionally due to the wide road)
    – Never ever ride on overhead bridge (it is a no-escape death trap for motor riders. Because there is not enough space for incoming traffics to manuever when the riders fells. Yes many idiot did that)

    And get this books

    Boldness and stupidity just separated by a thin line.

  22. just wished the bikers switch on their headlights & rear lights at night. some of them din bothered to replaced the fused bulbs too. its ok if they so decided to safe some marnee but hey we cant see u on da road!!!!

  23. phew!that thing can run i tell you. there is a group of youngsters in my adjacent housing estate that races evey night using these bikes. very funny to see. like a elephant riding a mouse.

  24. RB – I use manual ping mah. So saja ping ping manyak kali and see got ping throttle or not. Rupa-rupa tarak, can ping continuously.

    Ah Pek – Such a coincident. Today in our Penang northern section got feature these bikes. Actually it is very dangerous la. Teach small-small kids to ride around like that. Dunno what our authorities are doing la. Allow the import and then, later they cannot control the usage pulak.

    babe – They think they are invincible but actually invisible. LOL

    moo_t – Tks for the tips.

    sexymama – You come to Penang and see? All selipars la.

  25. kyels – I know how to ride a bike but dun think I want to get a licence. ‘Cos getting bike licence hor, very ‘charn’ one. The instructor will get you to ride round and round and round the figure 8 like an idiot. Hahaha.

    bryan – Yalor. I would rather my son waited until 17 yrs? to get his car licence. Then, I buy a smart car for him to phaktor! Whee! But I guess my hubby will say, ‘ta poh beh hiao tak motor tu si cha boh heng’ (men who can’t ride are ah kuas LOL). It will give an excuse to hubby to buy a big bike oso. Say want to give to the son la, safer la then he sendiri ride. šŸ˜›

    foodcrazee – Ewws…all the mince meat on the road like that?

    Big BoK – Whoa, I guess all the bikes over in Canada are huge ones. Over here in Penang, you know la. Small-small ones. Like mosquitoes, they are everywhere.

  26. when i was sixteen hor, it’s cool when u ride on some cute guys’ bike. abuthen hor, those helmets mess up my hair-sprayed hairstyle woh. so, i replaced all bike versions for motorcars one lor. no more bikes for me lah till now. and no bikes for my kids. i’ll brainwash them….

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