My computer got F* by Graybird

Poohkey! This morning when I switched on my computer, my Norton warned about Backdoor.Graybird trojan horse.

Its a busy day today and had not been able to sit down to do much. I hope I had got rid of it.

Can’t figure out where the trojan horse came from.

1) Last night, I wasn’t able to log in to streamyx. I went to to do so also cannot. So, I suppose it is streamyx problem.

2) Last night, I emailed something to someone using gmail. *Warning, someone, hope I did not infect you.*

3) Last night, (kehkehkeh, I Standard Two kid write like that lor) I received through MSN a .txt file. *To that someone, do check whether it is your cheebye document which infected me*

4) This morning, I got the graybird warning. And my WP Admin seems to have been log out. I.e. my admin panel had been touched.

5) I had cleared all including cache, history, passwords yadda yadda, cybers*x IRC log, yadda yadda. (just kidding about the last part, ok?)

Conclusion – No damage done because I have no farking interesting passwords in my computer. I don’t even own a bank accountlah, lanchiau. No PayPay, no Adsense. No p0rn also.

To solve the thing, I play the Russian Roulette. I regedit! Woohoo, I love exploring there. Did not find any gray_pigeon. Also check the Task Manager, no processes with svch0st.exe (a zero in h0st).

Anyway, my computer is a Dell with licensed XP which comes up updated Microsoft Spyware and I have paid subscription to Norton Anti-virus. But damn Norton damn slow. Whenever it scans my computer, the whole thing lags. And it takes hours to scan.

Who can tell me which is a better antivirus software? I have the free spydoctor and lavasoft too. They did not detect the backdoor.graybird, btw. I don’t mind paying a bit for a reliable antivirus software because I hate sending my computer to the shop. It is four years old and had never (touch wood!) been crashed.

5xmom – the trojan horses killer

10 thoughts on “My computer got F* by Graybird

  1. To know if your txt file is infected, copy all the text in the text file when you open it, to another notepad window.

    Naturally, if you see junk like ‚”0╞™ßÆ”, it’s probably an exe file masquerading

    Save with the same name. Compare the size of both files.
    It’s damn hard to infect txt files

  2. If you have Norton, then it’s good enough. You can schedule your scans for when you are not around, or overnight, or run it manually before you go out for groceries.

    One free antivirus software I use, is Antivir.

    Glad to hear nothing serious happened.

  3. Norton is so popular but also sluggish. Why don’t you schedule a scan say like 5am … when you’re not using the computer. Plus it’s not as good at detection compared with Kasperski.

    I would advise that you change your subscription once Norton expires. F-Prot is another recommendation.

    If your Windows are always updated and you use non default Internet applications, chances are quite slim you’ll be infected by worms and trojans.

    I use Firefox as a browser. Thunderbird as a mail/news reader. Gaim as my multi IM client.

    I personally do not use an anti virus because I find them cumbersome. Only use a combination of Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy to get rid of pesky spywares, detecting keyloggers and irritating browser toolbars.

    At times, don’t be too alarmed when your anti virus finds something, chances are 3% of the time it’s a false positive.

    To me, it’s more like 80-90% false positives so that’s why I don’t use one.

  4. I’m pretty happy with AVG Free Edition (free for personal use). It runs quite fast too – I would not recommend Norton for home users, it definitely is too big and slow. Also, make sure you get a firewall too – I use Zone Alarm.

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