Things you can do tonight

Here’s a list of things to do in conjunction Mooncake festival:

1) Get married today. Gosh, the whole Penang island is swarmed with cars wearing ribbons today. (wedding cars decorated ah kua style)

2) Burn the lanterns of those annoying kids that you dislike.

3) Quarrel with your spouse because he forget to buy mooncake for your parents; or intentionally buy 4×4 salted duck egg yolks mooncake for your mother who is highly allergic to eggs.

4) Refuse to bring your girlfriend phaktoring under the moonlight. Instead, watch recordings of the EPL.

5) Take a stone and throw at the sky if it rains tonight.

Ok, ok, I am very angsty today. Meanwhile, I am going to mourn the impending death of Lantern festival because I am still traumatised by the event I attended few nights ago.

Imagine……..60 yrs old aunties, wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras parading lanterns with their line dancing group. Line dancing and lanterns don’t mix ok? Lanterns are for kids, for God’s sake! Not for tai chi uncles and line dancing ah pohs, ok? 60 yrs old aunties can wear sports wear but NOT POINTY BRA! *sobs* Someone please break my legs if I ever, ever fall into the trap. Of line dancing and pointy bras and skin tight sports wears. Please kill me also doesn’t matter. You will be doing good for mankind.

God bless you all! Go home and get together with your parents, spouse, family, friends and have a good, warm, loving gathering. And don’t let the image of line dancers and lanterns traumatise you.

12 thoughts on “Things you can do tonight

  1. Tot u got many digital camera? Can snap some pics of those people u mentioned & post it here? Dont worry, no one will vomit la

  2. turned out to be a rainy mooncake festival after all. raining whole night and almost whole sunday liao. oh yes… and one of my neighbours really got married. šŸ˜›

    happy (belated) mooncake festival…

  3. Now, look what you’ve done…. 60 yrs old aunties wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras….60 yrs old aunties wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras… 60 yrs old aunties wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras 60 yrs old aunties wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras… 60 yrs old aunties wearing skin tight sports wears and pointy bras…aaaahhhh
    You’re gonna spoil my evening!!! Now I hope it just rains……

  4. Remember mooncake will expire tommorow.

    Malaysia greedy bakery, restaurant will rather retain the price or the mooncake(Instead of selling it half price like Hong Kong). And it end up going nowhere (because we are not that stupid to buy it at full price after moon festival).

    So that’s the reason I suspect those lotus paste inside mooncake get RECYCLE. So you know where those bakery leftover lotus paste went : You favourite lingyong so(lotus paste cookies),peidan, hamdan so(century egg and salted egg cookies). Or even you favourite lotus paste pao.

    And mooncake in China is “susceptible unhealthy” because some even recycle past year lotus paste.


  5. wuuahh…..lucky my mum stop edi…i oso stop edi, if not, i sure see red liow. hahahaha!!!!

    ppssstt… mummy dont wear n dun have pointy bras leh, she very the kheng dressing up wan, u know? all matching matching wan….fashionasia would be VERY proud of her…:D lol

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