Gua tarak internet

Cis bedebah!

Cukup bengang dengan TM Nut.

This is how I interpret their message:

“Terima Kasih kerana menghubungi TM Nut. yadda yadda yadda. Pukimak hang, engkau dah bayar bil ke belum? Pi chek bil hang tu betul-betul sebelum menghubungi kami di talian 1 300 88 1515. Hang tau kami punya sibuk tak? Mana senang nak jawab setiap panggilan. Pelanggan kami sekalian bodoh-bodoh belaka tau tak?”

Tell me, which idiot has this idea of receiving calls with this kind of message :

Thank you for calling us. If you cannot access your service, please check your bill and see if your account is overdue. yadda yadda yadda. Then, they put you through another 20 minutes of agony and torture waiting for a real idiot to answer the phone. That is if you are lucky.

Stupid! Total idiots. How many of your clients defaulted payment? How many of your clients are genuine clients like me who never defaulted payment and have a voice loud enough to smear your good name? Why the fark you have to subject every one of your client to that stupid message?

Are you all too pea brain? Can’t you put some tutorial or something online so that techie hot mama like me doesn’t have to call your bunch of idiots to ask simple questions like how to set up my mail box. Or take a step by step troubleshooting?

How da fark would I know if it is pop or smtp? Is it so hard to just put some screenshots online?

Bodoh, lembu, bangau.

Heh! I have no internet connection. Not sure why. My kids computer is ok but mine elek.

Can blog but can’t ping pulak.

5 thoughts on “Gua tarak internet

  1. Hmm, bangau? Apa-tu? Hehe… I was about to upload a photo of a nice lembu.

    Seems like a lot of ppl are facing StimX problems hor?

  2. I had problems with blogsome last nite too.. ! lagi worst than yours.. can’t even go into the forum to check what’s wrong.. so frustrating..!!

  3. I think you can email your complain to Jeff Ooi so that he can help you whallap those TM guys in their next meeting… or even better… let you whallap them over the phone šŸ™‚

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