Whee! I pangsai on PPS. Sorry.

I have often see people pinging and pinging and pinging PPS several times.

There are two types:

1) Same posting, ping several times within minutes

2) Same topic, ping a few times over a few days

Some, I understand are accidents. But then, hey, Aiz gave you all a sandbox to learn to pangsai. Use it! That’s what sandbox is for, duh.

Some, I understand are using auto-ping. Cheebye ler, if you know you have auto-ping, then be alert that you do not ACCIDENTALLY AUTO PING mah. Like dat so hard to remember meh? Otherwise, take off the farking plug-in and use trackback la. If I can do it, why can’t you?

Thirdly, the lowest of the ladder. They ping a few times over two days or sometimes, in the morning and night so that people did not miss their posting wor. OI, you think everyone is very interested in your posting meh? If people like you, you never ping oso they will visit. If not, you ping hourly also nobody wanna see. If lame, means lame ok?

Anyway, I am sorry I ter-ping each post twice today. But I have my good excuse.

1) I wanted to test if PPS got ping throttle so I purposely manual ping within one minute. Oops, there is none and hence, I ping twice.

2) I used manual ping for one of my posting from other computer. (gua tarak internet) When my own computer is working, I use trackback for my regular list of pings. I thought that since I had ping-ed PPS, it won’t go through a second time. But it did.

So, that’s how I pangsai on PPS. It is not a nice feeling. Makes me look cheap. Like all those regulars who pangsai (berak/shit) several times a day.

8 thoughts on “Whee! I pangsai on PPS. Sorry.

  1. Lilian jie, I’m confused about the 3 types leh:

    (1) means exact same blog entry

    (2) means different blog entry on related topic, right?

    (3) lowest of the ladder, refer to those who ping the exact same entry over a few days?

    and… is (2) not allowed?

  2. RB – Yalor, and 7 postings pinged continuous from the same blog.

    totoro – Same title, from the same blog.

    Lowest of the ladder are those who purposely ping the same title from the same blog over and over again so that more people notice them. Ignore me, I am just being bitchy today. Blame stimx.

    din – Too bad our grouses aren’t heard.

    moo_t – I am not constipated so no need to pang so many times. LOL!

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