4 years ago – Part Two (Ambulance)

A nurse came to my room and she promptly set up a line. Thank goodness she was one efficient, young girl. With only the basic stuffs, she poked a vein, gave me an injection and put me on drip. All the while making me calm with her assuring words on what she will do next etc.

Later, two other burly ambulance attendees came up. It wasn’t a very pleasant thing to have two male strangers in my own bedroom. I wasn’t able to change to anything as I wasn’t suppose to move at all. The nurse had earlier given me an adult diaper.

So, I got ‘wrapped’ on a cloth stretcher. Imagine being 28 weeks, heavily pregnant and being one and a half-storey from ground level. I felt like an egg, ready to fall and break.

Poor ambulance guys and my hubby had to carry me down the staircase. It wasn’t an easy task as my staircase was narrow. And I was real heavy and fragile. Moreover, I was attached to the drip and the nurse had to hold it up high. So, five of us were making inches after inches down that precarious steps.

It was like an eternity before they reached the ground floor. The proper stretcher was waiting for me there. The guys put me down to catch their breaths.

Silently, tears dropped down. I looked at my altars. Guan Yin and my mother-in-law (who passed away about 6 months ago) altars. I pleaded to her (MIL) to take care of me.

Then, they wheeled me into the ambulance. I kept reminding my hubby to clear the blood-stained sheets and mattress. Even told him to cover up the stain with something. My concerns were my kids who were sleeping. I told him not to speed and to take his time. The hospital is about 15 KM away from my house.

I was calmed all the way. I even guessed if the ambulance had taken the right way out. They did asked me for directions and though, I can’t see a thing I managed to give them the correct way.

I learnt that ambulance does not always ‘pee-poh, pee-poh’. They drove at a normal speed without the sirens. Thank God or else the whole neighbour will be awaken.

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