Blogging is like enema

Someone just told me something. Then, when I was reading Lydia’s blog, this pop out of my brain. “blogging is like enema”

Someone said, ” It’s hard to go on living with all the shit stuffed up to one’s head, alone, isn’t it?”

I am purging out a lot of shits lately. This blog is the enema that makes the shit flows easier. It is also the latrine that hold the shit. And I hope to make it a toilet roll that cleans up my ass. Hopefully, it comes with the flush facility so that all my shits do not stay here to stink up my life. Then, again, I can use the shit and throw it at people when the shits start stuffing up my head. But when there is too much shits, it will hit the fans. And smeared me.

There seems no end.

Sorry that I purge. Don’t mean to waste 2 minutes of your life to read my shit. I hope it takes less time for you to read than for me to write. I only take 4 minutes from login to site admin till the ‘publish’ button.

7 thoughts on “Blogging is like enema

  1. hhmmm….there is a reason for all these ‘indigestion’ and ‘purging’. i’m sure u’ll be a little better by next mid-week.

    *very BIG hugs*

  2. it is only us humans who has issues with shit. My dogs- they don’t seem to mind, sniff other dogs backside, sniff around the bathroom even when humans are doing their business. State of mind.

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