Bye Housewives, Hi Doc!

I have finally ditched Desperate Housewives. In fact, I only watched up to Episode Five of Season 1. After that, they are getting boring. I don’t like to live in fantasy world like Wisteria Lane. I don’t want to be reminded how imperfect I am.

Last two weeks, my kids and atm were watching House. It was unbearable for me because that episode was about some dying babies. So, I went hiding in my room. But the plot got me very intrigue.

The following week, I decided to check out the one about the Catholic nun. And I am hooked since then.

So, now it is Dr. House. Who is a fan here? Raise your hand please? Fark Despo Housewives. Hello, ugly, unkept but oh so charismatic Dr. House.

26 thoughts on “Bye Housewives, Hi Doc!

  1. I finished “desperate housewives” on DVD two weeks ago… sad to say… no ending pending season 2… so fcuk the producers!

    definitely like the Dr House… cool and damn cool character… I think he is voted one of the coolest character on TV!

    but I waiting for DVD to come out… dun like to watch once a week only 😀

  2. Big BoK – Yeah, I read that on your blog. But I think you are watching Season 2? We are still at Season 1. I love him because he is sarcastic, like Simon said.

  3. Liked Deadwood. It’s more of a boy show, I think.

    Love Scrubs. That sarcastic doctor calling Elliot “Barbie” just cracks me up each time.

    LOVE Carnivale. Don’t know how the Msia authorities are going to show some dancing scenes.

    Enjoyed Lost but watched only 5 episodes before being I was “shipped” back to Msia.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh Dr. House is just soooooooo cool… have this thing for melancholic characters…

    Lived by the TV for so many sitcoms but somehow I dislike those high heel trotting wives on Wisteria Lane.

  4. I love House MD. Especially the episode where he told this super-blur chick that her dietary efforts weren’t working because she had a parasite growing in her body.

    She was actually pregnant. lol!

  5. umm… i watched the 2nd episode of that housewives show, and told myself i’ll get the DVDs instead.

    so aunty lilian, you do not think it is worth a watch?

    if so, i’ll save some money and not bother watching it at all. but it sure is really popular in the states? winning this award and that award.

  6. tsk..tsk…nowadays TV banyak crita bagus lah. I’m addicted to House and unfortunately I just got hooked to DH (when everyone’s getting bored of it =P)

  7. did you know the actor is british? and quite funny too, saw him on jay leno. i’ve only watched one full episode before but enjoyed it. the thing with all these tv programmes is i never remember when they air, heh.

  8. q – My kids remember for me so that’s how I watch. Otherwise, I couldn’t keep track too.

    S-Kay – They are shown around the same time, right? So, how you manage?

    rayhana – Well, it is pretty nice at first but after a while, it goes back to the same old circle and issue and it can be a pain. Who cares if that Eva Longsomething is hot, right? LOL.

    mahagurusia – Hehehe, vote counted.

    hedonistic – I must go back to the pilot and start from square one!

    Otto – We are very much behind time so you will be watching re-runs I guess.

  9. I;ve never missed an episode since it started and the new season started last week, Second episode tonight..wooohooo my Tuesday night date.:) NO ONE bothers mummy during HOUSE . You’ll love the battles between him and the administrator.

  10. yah yah yah. Damn good show! But I think we’re gonna turn into patients from hell after this with all the info you get from here. 🙂

  11. Just to bring you up to speed on what’s happening in Wisteria Lane, Carlos gets arrested for using Laotian slave labour and he finds out John had a whole lot of sex with Gabrielle after, you know, bashing two gays. Speaking of gays, Bree’s son claimed to be gay but told the priest that he only did so to get back at his mother. Oh, and Bree’s husband finally dies after for months been given the wrong medicine by his pharmacist who is obsessed of Bree and jealous of Rex after dating Bree for a couple of times while Bree’s and Rex’s separation.

    Susan Mayer is BTW dating a convicted manslaughterer and drug dealer, though apparently he’s guilty of neither. What he’s guilty of is trying to find the killer of his ex-girlfriend, the real drug dealer whom Mike killed for… who is actually killed by Mary Alice to protect her son, Dana/Zach who is probably Mike’s son to begin with.

    Speaking of which, Julie, Susan’s daughter, actually dated Zach/Dana for a couple of episodes, revealing how crazy the kid is.

    And moving on to Lynette – now there’s one who doesn’t have a clean house. Except for one episode where she gets hooked on ADD medication and almost had a break down. Her husband quit his job after being denied a promotion his wife begged the bosses’ wife not to give, and now Lynette is back in the working world.

    Seriously, if they’re prefect, God help us all.

  12. “I don’t like to live in fantasy world like Wisteria Lane. I don’t want to be reminded how imperfect I am.” My thoughts exactly!

    Now Dr House… I wouldn’t like to be his patient nor colleague (did you see yesterday’s episode where he cucuk the ER doctor who was treating Luke’s mom? ouch!), but the man’s voice…soo sexy and crystal clear! Who would’ve thought he is a British actor. Something about these highly intelligent men – Greg House and Gil Grissom!

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  14. Gotta agree with ya! I recommended it to my mom cause she was a big SEx and the City fan, but both of us agree that Desperate Housewive is boring. I watched only half of an episode and found it to be overhyped.

    But House, this is a show i wouldn’t miss. What doctor makes fun of his patients to amuse himself? His sarcasm and wit made him a super cool guy in my book.

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