Spam Karma 2 plugin installed

This blog is starting to attract spams.

Just installed Spam Karma 2 with the javascript addition. Heck, I don’t know how it works but just dump everything into the plugin folder.

So, if any of your comments got eaten by the Spam Karma 2, please let me know? I am famous for deleting, deleting but don’t need unintentionally deletion by the over efficient Spam Karma 2 to make me look like Edward Scissorshand or our Malaysia Censorship Board, ok?

If you have any feedback on Spam Karma 2, do tell ok? Or is there a better plugin?

7 thoughts on “Spam Karma 2 plugin installed

  1. *not related to topic at hand*

    aunty lilian, just out of curiosity. what do you do? i assume (please correct me if i am wrong) that you are the manager of your home. i envy the time you have… and you take the time to reply each comment! *clap2* it seems like you are always on line and the most internet-and-IT-jargon-savvy mother i know!

  2. S-Kay, I think any comment with more than one link will be send to hell. LOL!

    Rayhana – Yeah, goyang kaki, makan gaji laki. :O)

    Jlchannel – Thanks for the assurance!

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