The ugly side of Chinese

Once in a while, do you ever feel like hanging your head in shame? Because you are a Chinese?

I don’t know about others but I shamelessly must admit that I do feel like I am not Chinese but a Malaysian.

Let’s not call ourselves the ugly Malaysians until you have seen the really ugly Chineses. OMG, I swear I will not go to China again if I can help it.

I had been there once and here are what I found about mainland Chinese:

1) They are smokers
2) They are only interested in money
3) They have no laws except how to earn more money
4) They cheat without blinking an eye or touching their noses
5) They are dirty
6) They adore baby boy (and I am worried sick they will snatch mine)
7) They are loud
8) Their foods are lousy
9) They will trampled you flat (in their haste to get on the MRT to earn more money)
10) They are nothing like what we watch on TV series
11) A ride in their vehicle is dicing with death (taxis that almost killed us and van driver who talked too much and almost head on with lorry)
12) They will impersonate just anyone to earn money (Professor, my foot!)
13) They are pickpockets (and lucky we are street smart)
14) They imitate everything

I can go on till 100 things. LOL.

I found this news on Hongkong Disneyland. Read on and I am sure you will believe my words (if you have never been to China).

Mainland Chinese tourists visiting Hong Kong Disneyland on its debut day smoked in non-smoking areas, went barefoot and even let children urinate in public.

The Apple Daily described the behaviour of mainland tourists as “disgraceful” while acknowledging that they “brought good business” to the park as it opened its gates on Monday to 16,000 visitors.

The park estimated that about a third were from mainland China.

So, can I safely say, “China sucks?” without being flamed by any Chinese? Now, I wonder if it is a good idea to consider Hongkong Disneyland as our next destination? I do not want to be near Chineses who grabbed your kid, open up his pants to see if I bluffed them. Yeah, got that many times. They do not believe I have four sons. So, they insisted to check out the little pecker of my baby.

(Din…don’t say I did not tell you. Lucky Din is going there in October.)

Any horror stories about ugly Chineses to share?

P/S : The next post is password protected. But….if you are interested in mushy stuffs, it is ‘personal’.

39 thoughts on “The ugly side of Chinese

  1. Hmm, the mainland Chinese that I’ve dealt with in the past seem to be decent, but then I’ve never been to China.

    However, I’d *really* like to see you go on until #100. LOL. šŸ˜›

  2. Big BoK – I got it in Genting where mainland Chinese did that. Then, when I was in China, every waitresses, shopkeepers, supermarket promoters, hotel staffs did that. I hate, hate, hate China because of that. You know, they love to carry babies and whenever I sat down to eat, they will offer to do so. I refused and they will say, “I am very clean” and showed me their clothes. *roll eyes* Then, when I put the baby down in the baby chair, they will pick him up. OMG, nightmares.

    totoro – They are the cream of the crop, I suppose. But there are still many uncouth businessmen. Hrrmph…I dealt with many like that when I was working. Fake documents and stuffs like that.

  3. On tours they will hog the whole place to take “stupid poses” photos and also they take forever so no one can take pictures. Once they almost pushed my child overboard the boat. LOL During the tour, Get this they were wearing see thru pyjamas during the day like they were movie stars. MUAHAHA that was my highlight since they stunk up the bus with their roast duck and durian.. ( in Canada!!!!)and we had to wait for another tour bus.

  4. I’ve never been to China but my granny and aunt did. It seems that it’s a nice place with great sceneries.. Good spot for photography.

    They even had a video recording but the people in there looked decent enough.


  5. ooh.. my aunt and uncle just got back from china and they had a GREAT time! just gushing about how beautiful it is and how i should go there soon! umm.. i beg to differ. heh. somehow china isn’t a place i wanna go to if i had to go somewhere for a holiday.

    another aunt told me that in the R&R toilets on the way back from singapore, a lady got into the cubicle and started doing her business without closing the door! my aunt had to tell them “Che li pu she chung kwo ah! yau khuan men de!”
    (eh, what’s “close” in mandarin?) :p

  6. I’m not trying to advertise here, but coincindentally, i’ve written something about the ugly Chinese before your post as well.

    I think the points you listed are somewhat applicable to many Chinese in many countries, not just from mainland China. I really don’t think we are THAT much different (maybe just more refined because of our social condition).

    Oops, i just remembered you don’t like criticism… so i guess i’ll just shut up now. šŸ˜›

  7. great sceneries…
    great city

    food so so…

    but dirty toilet in places with great sceneries…
    and i hv to pay before enter….imagine…3 cubicles… one with yellow, one with red and one with brown stains…

    loud is a trait of chinese everywhere…

    dirty people…but i enjoy seeing dirty people…from far…just wondering abt their culture and life…

  8. Ah Pek – LOL, I thot you got the hots for Furong JieJie?

    zberjnak – Watch out, even if you are far away, they can ‘kreakk, ptuii’ real far too.

    mahagurusia – I experienced that in EuroDisney. That idiotic, no wear pants Pooh Bear spoke in French and the parade announcement in French. Arrggh…wasted my money.

    rayhana – Do you hear that they can steal EVERYTHING including the mattress from the hotel they put up? Gosh, I don’t mean to laugh but really there are people who did not even know about modesty?

    Kyels – They look decent but don’t always act decent. Well, not all of them but majority of those who went travelling. They feel like they had spend money and deserve to be treated like king.

    Romantic – LOL, durians and roast ducks. I know they are very brash.

    Paul – Hahaha, where did you get that idea? From the students, right? But there are plenty of China dolls mah, no good meh?

    LcF – Ok, Mainland Chinese.

  9. There actually is a big behavioral gap between Malaysian Chinese and Mainland chinese. One of my friends staying in a hostel of a local college told me, “If you get one mainland chinese student staying on your floor also you die lah!” Then he started telling me horror stories about their behjaviour. For his sake, I hope he was exaggerating! Actually, I think one has to see which part of China they come from. Remember that the Chinese ppl form about one quarter of the world’s population. With that many ppl, there will be a big disparity in behavioral norms. In New York, the Taiwanese, Mainland chinese and Hongkies have their own commercial sections. I was quite surprised, but obviously they don’t mix too well!

  10. Yvy – Aiyoh, I say personal. Type p e r s o n a l. It is nothing secretive, just too damn mushy for general eyes.

    Viewtru – Same ler. The richer ones from the bigger cities are over damn lansi. That’s how they got here. They got opinions on everything, typical China-men style la. Of course, those from the rural places, we can’t curse them for their naivety. But is the those who are a little richer but think they own the world wan.

  11. Oh, and I saw the Disney characters on TV…I think it’s abit odd that Snow White look so Asian and Sleeping beauty dun have sharp features. It just doesnt look right. Instead of having characters to look real and come to life..everything looks fake. Hehe

  12. Well, at least I am proud of some “Chinaman” point some root of the problem 10 years ago.
    Take a look at “The Ugly China man”

    American also wrote “The ugly American”.

    The root of the problem? 5xmom, I think you didn’t go through much of the China modern history. The “Cultural_revolution” is a disaster that comparable to World war I and II.

    It will take another 10 years for mainland China people to pick up the cultures that long lost. Don’t be suprise in 2015, you children visit China say, “You bluff me, China people is very nice indeed.”

    Forget about Disneyland. China tourist will suffocate you. Macau is a better place to go.

  13. aikz why got password protected post wan? personal,top secret post ke?

    hmm my impression on the mailand plp were pretty good when i pigi situ last year.dunno la.haha.

  14. RB – Nolah, it is too damn mushy so I don’t want it to appear. I did not ping it also but have to get it off my chest. The password is personal. Type personal. LOL, so many people emailed me to ask. It is spelt personal.

    moo_t – ‘Cos they damn suck mah.

    S-Kay – Hahaha, enjoy your trip. Hope I did not make it too much of a wet blanket. HK in winter is nice but there is nothing much to buy. Only winter clothings. Christmas is beautiful and very, very Chrismast-ssy and CNY is very, very Chinese-sy. Been there three times.

  15. Ahah…going there around Mid Dec. Prolly would be able to catch the clearance sale which they usually have I heard to clear off the stock for Winter clothing lines. Dun worry, I’m still looking forward to going there just to have a look-see look-see thing

  16. everywhere the mainland chinese go they encounter resentment like what u feel about them, i tend to feel that towards them too but i know its not right but its in our nature to resent ppl who r different in colors or characters from one is perfect, we just have to be courteous n polite towards other ppl the best we one should judge anyone so just be happy & get on with your life!

  17. Wuching – You know what? I am not interested to go into debate nor listen to stuffs like these. Go read my ‘The me page?’

    S-Kay – I can tell you, there is only winter clothings and more winter clothings. But HK is fun. Food is nice, but expensive la. Weather is nice.

  18. Are all chinese like that? There may be some truth in that but I would not label the entire Chinese race as ugly. The chinese in the america indeed are very american. The chinese in malaysia are indeed very malaysian.

  19. In China, the class gaps are huge, the rich ones are really proper and when they speak in Mandarin, it sounds so refined, I think my Mandarin sounds like shit.

    The middle class (normally has a degree and work in some intelletual position e.g. lecturer, city engineer, etc) are something like us.

    The poor ones/the ones that come from the ‘kampungs’ are really like some ulu village ppl =)

  20. boringest and Adam – Actually hor, I say the ugly side only ler. Don’t ler make this like I am being racist. LOL!

    And then hor, those people who never been in China, rode in their scary, scary taxis, encountered their people, better don’t make any comment defending an issue that is a non-issue.

    Lrong – Never take that ferry to Macao eventhough I had wanted to. Each time the Portugese egg-tarts tempt me, the casinoes will turn me off. haha.

  21. hmmm i am now in beijing. been here for more than 6 months and this friday is going back for 2 weeks and back after their 10.1 golden week.

    yup, most of your points are true.
    think u missed out one, they DO NOT QUEUE!!! i hate that, no matter at airport/market weighing station always got people cutting into it. i questioned them one previous 2 occasions and they just act blur and stare me back..#@$%^&**

    they spit everywhere. i try not to walk behind anyone of them, boy/girl/young/old/liang chai/liang nui all spit…

    ai…really have to be careful not to mix my son with them….

  22. I occasionally encounter chinese (regardless of nationalities) who exhibit “sia sui” qualities which embarasses me to the extent that I want to be completely disassociated from the race at that particular moment (e.g. loud, rude and brash/ selfishness/ kiasu-ism/ kiasi-ism etc)…but then again I do wonder whether these same unappealing characteristics are the precise reasons as to why some Chinese are just so resilient in this dog-eat-dog world?

  23. China is not that bad (suck)la…. Shanghai is OK mah…. The Chinese there are hardworking, dedicated, polite and so on…….

    Hong Kong Disneyland is still very new, there are some shortcoming, if U compare with Tokyo & Paris Disneyland.
    So, I think it is wise to visit H.K Disneyland after a few months. The ticket on Public Holiday costs HKD 350.

  24. the way you described china is like protraying malaysia itself. I can guarantee that Malaysian chinese has all the “quality” that you described.
    maybe China is worse. Think about it. All those cultures happened in Malaysia as well.

  25. The list spells the same for visiting malaysia, seriously. At least the cops there didn’t ask for money.


  26. Hate to say this but yeah Chinese folks are becoming more like their mainland cousins. it’s sad for me too being half chinese and looking at how relationships are only based on $$$$. Also, love is longer around among their mentality and the kiasu culture has got the better of them. Sigh!!!

  27. i hate china , i live here for 5 months and has 6 more months to far i hate it..they spit everywhere and make a disgusting noise by doing so..the men and their women look or must i say glare at u because of ur difference..they rip u off and especially if u r strangers ,for exemple , something cost 1000kuai u can actually decrease the price to 120kuai..but what if u r not aware of it..besides they can;t really speak english(but i think the young generation are starting to study english)
    their language is a bit smell very bad someplace also stinks especaillly inside the lift..
    it is an extremely polluted city..
    on the right side some people are nice, especially the women if u r a men..i think that chinese women are better than overseas chinese..

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