Does a blogger need lessons in blogging?

Fark, yes! Of course. Definitely. In life also we need lessons mah. Otherwise, how do we develop? Lesson in crawling, toddling, khau lui, sex, aging with grace, dying with style wateva la.

But then, what exactly is lesson in blogging? First know the technical things like how to set up a blog. Then, for fark’s sake, spend time in the sandbox in PPS and learn how to ping correctly before you subject your spanking new but dead boring blog for us to see.

If a beautiful woman strip naked and walk in public, people loves her. If an ugly babboon strip naked and walk in public, that babboon is at fault for traumatising the people around her. That is what bad blogs are all about. It is bad so keep it to yourself. (don’t argue what is bad because ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’)

But bad can be improved. So, bloggers need to look up to some mentors or good examples from prominent bloggers so that they can improve. I do that too. I read conspicuous amount of, Buaya69, Loopy Meals and Thousand Words (say thank you to me, guys) before I even dare to start a blogger’s account. Oh yeah, I read a lot of blogs that I do not like too so that I don’t fall into the trap.

Then, only I dare to showcase my blog on PPS. Yes, when you PING to PPS, it means you are ready to share your thoughts.

So, I don’t see what’s wrong if a new blogger aspires to improve him/herself.

You do need a sifu/tok guru/sensei in blogging, no? But then hor, if no one wants to take you up as his/her dou dai (disciple/anak murid), you can always come to 5xmom and check out her categories under blogging.

*muahahahar, I am only promoting my blog, no offence to anyone

slithering off, looking ever so sweet*

20 thoughts on “Does a blogger need lessons in blogging?

  1. Wah…James the sifu must be so happy to read this, Egghead. Probably he will go out and celebrate with two plates of char koay teow.

    n305er – Free lessons, guaranteed to graduate with Masters.

    melvinf – Thanks.

    Totoro – You mean, ‘with more bite’?

  2. Waah. Thanks for the plug. And yes, I will take a drive back to Taiping next month and eat two plates of CKT with duck eggs. 🙂

  3. “Oh yeah, I read a lot of blogs that I do not like too so that I don’t fall into the trap.”

    eh, give la some example, so we can start another flame war! muahahaha.

  4. You can go to Singapore for that. They just had a blogging seminar at Ngee Ann Poly, hosted by the likes of Mr Brown and XX.

    No sheet.

  5. really need lessons in blogging wan meh? or engrish lessons more likely, hah. i dont even know wtf a blog is till i started one. then also, i’m still blur. abuthen, i’m a fast learner. vf so many sifus around, who wuden be, hor.

  6. Haha ayoh kembang sikit, not worthy of attention la ;D Thanks for the promo hehe, took some tips from your blog too, surpassed me already wo sob sob. hehe

  7. humblewarrior – Hahaha, no need so serious jek.

    Kervin – I am still learning from you. How you spin nice, nice tales with your nice, nice photos. Your blog is the least controversial and yet pleasant to read.

    Samm – Got tricks wan lah. I guess you learnt fast ‘cos you are gifted with intuition, like me.

    totoro – No need, read my tips enuff liao.

    eric – You came to the wrong place.

    simon – Wah, notty.

    RB – Huh? Not me hor? I know, mX! You terror liao no need liao.

    Yvy – We can learn together.

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