Am I a b*tch or a doormat ha?

Forum owners!!! Please tell me if I am a b*tch or a doormat? Other people, please give me some TLC (tender loving care, not tulan lan chiao ok?)

First, an intro. I ran a forum with 900 FEMALE members. I have Yahoo group email with about 300 members, females of course. I have 3 Yahoo group emails and 2 forum.

I swear I did not ask to do them. It belonged to someone else and I was merely the co-mod until the person left me with these. So, between pressing the delete button and running it, I choose running it because many kids/babies/women are helped with the sharing of information.

Now, whenever I set down rules, I offended people. Whenever I pull the plug, I get abused. Niamah, can’t believe that I am so kind to let people pull all sorts of stunts on me.

I don’t have much patience when I have to do something over and over again. For e.g. If I forget to use the word ‘please’, people feel offended. Cibai, you know how hard it is to type the word ‘ p l e a s e’ or not? I need extra miliseconds to do so. So, I just shoot lor.

When I said ‘craps’, people said I bad example to all parents wor. That’s why I have to have my own blog so that I can stand up high on the tower and curse, this is my blog, I can say anything I want.

Please, forum owners, do you face constant complaints from your members that you have no manners, no diplomacy, a biatch and they even teach you manners thim….

Arrggh…I am so frus. I can’t take it anymore. Someone please kill me and spare me this agony. I hate women. I hate petty women. I hate petty women who PMS all the time. I hate petty women who PMS all the time and expect me to be Miss Manners all the time. I hate, I hate, I hate. I can’t take this anymore. Good Lord, please remember not to place me with any women in the next world. Hell is a better alternative.

*I am joking only, ok? If anyone of you feel offended with what I wrote, then, padan muka lor. I am talking about you lor. But if you can laugh, then you are my pal.*

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15 thoughts on “Am I a b*tch or a doormat ha?

  1. Whoa!~~ Being a moderator is not easy oh!! Everytime have to suit people’s whims and fancies. Maybe try putting them into ur shoes and see…like erm…let them handle the forum instead??

  2. Frankly, i’m not bothered with “compulsory ultra good manners”. i mean, are we expected to type please and thank yous on every sentence we dish out. If that’s the case, perhaps we should ask them to talk to us liddat and see how.

  3. Well.. its impossible to please everyone in this world.. All i can say is identify what is your aim and goal for your forum. Once you know it just stick to it… even if it offend anyone. Bill Gate does not become the riches person in this world by pleasing all people…. actually I think there are more people that hated him… cheers mom.. its friday night.. go watch Malaysian Idol final… šŸ™‚

  4. I administrate and moderate a local community forum as well, it’s no easy job. But a community is a community so I refrain from putting stuff into written words when I am angry. Doing that never works out for the better.

  5. You over-protect your kids and I guarantee you they will definitely turn into Ah Kuas in the future.

    When a massacre happens in your forum, you should be happily collecting dead bodies. šŸ˜›

  6. Doc – Yay! Da man speaks. Okok, I know what to do liao. Hentam everyone then say, I PMS, ok? Not enuff, I peri-menopause oso and sex starved, ok? Can ah, like that?

    She’s Jess – Yalor, people like that still plenty. That’s how I got identity crisis. On my blog, I let loose. On my admin. mode in my forum, I have to turn to Ms. Hyde. In the end, piang.

    totoro – Psst…but are you dealing with 900 (about 20% are active) PMS-ing women or not?

    raymond – Got that. Gonna bring act mean now. Like it or shove it up your ass!

    Samm – And the farkers are those whom had benefitted out of my generousity and turned back and bite me pulak.

    Lobak – Remember one advice – Never deal with women, never ever. Find a male boss, all male colleagues office. Peace on earth.

  7. memang kerje you susah Lil, and olso to keep an eye on everyone. but rejoice — many members of the forum and egroups eternally grateful to you for such a sacrifice. me one of themmmmm tengkiu belly muchhh

  8. lilian jiejie, i wouldn’t want to be in your shoes! 900 pms’ing women. wow. 1 also i cannot handle liao. haha.

  9. I think you are one hell of a woman. I really like you!! Very “pui fook” (Cantonese) you. Be strict and dun let others step on your head, that’s the way to go… šŸ˜‰

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