Thirty years saga meme

I am going to do this because no one forward it to me. I saw mama22beas blog and I want to audit my own life. So here goes…

30 years ago, I was 11 years old – 1975

Dad was dead since I was 7 yrs old. Mom brought us five siblings up with some financial help from a cousin. So, money was scarce. All older siblings are much older than me so I was a loner. I went to a Malay school. When I say Malay, it means 95% Malays and 5% dll. Life was just bearable. Bread used to cost 25 cents per loaf. I remembered I brought 25 cents to buy a loaf of bread but lost 5 cents along the way. I cried because I can’t find the 5 cents from the sandy path of the kampung road. Mom would kill me!

Then, I remember my eldest brother who had to accompany me to school from Standard 1-3. He had to stay in the school the whole time. One day, he left for work in Ipoh. My horrible 2nd brother left me in school on the first day he took over the job. He rode a bicycle home. And I ran all the way crying, chasing him. I lost my way. Yeah, see how useless I was? But some Standard 6 girls led me home. Shit, that drama traumatised me till now.

20 years ago, I was 21 years old, 1985

I had lost count of the number of guys I dated and ditched. I got so tired of dates. I had one boyfriend for four years and almost married him. Then, right after my 21 years old birthday, I realised I didn’t love him but his family. His family is the perfect family that I never had when growing up. Everyone has to eat at the same time, at the same table, that kinda thing. I foolishly washed the plates for 4 long years until I realised that I was too much of a rebel to fit in.

So, pssttt…I flirted with his neighbour and we dated. Until he found out and we ditched each other! It was thrilling but please don’t follow this ‘Love thy (bf’s) neighbour’ commandment. Of course, that neighbour was no longer attractive after I managed to use him to break up a 4 years ‘married to the family relationship’.

Along came my knight in shining armour! The insurance salesman (now atm). Fell in love and we lived together pronto. Again, kids, don’t do that. Bad.

10 years ago, 31 years old, 1995

Have two kids. Career at the highest. The world is my oyster kinda thing. But mom had to die and left me with the kids at daycare. I can’t endure. So, I resigned and forego my employees shares (Pink forms) 6 mths bonus, RM4.5K buta gaji, all perks inclusive. *sobs* I turned housewife. A nobody. A dependant. Lost the indi.

Now, 41 years old, 2005

Heck, now that I wrote that out, I realised that I did not achieve much in life. Not much. But I have no regrets. I know I am way above a lot of other people in terms of satisfaction. I never dream much, I don’t expect much and hence, I never feel disappointed.

Future, 10 years

Whoa, my kids will be grown up. I am going to have so much time in hand. I will spent it doing …….line dancing! (someone, please break my legs NOW). Oh yes, yes, yes. I will be able to withdraw my EPF. I can travel the world! I want to travel alone and hook some old, rich angmoh with a villa on the Swiss Alps and disappeared. Woohoo!

If you like to do an ‘audit’ like the above, please do so. And leave your URL for me to laugh over it?

15 thoughts on “Thirty years saga meme

  1. Should you have not realised, you have grown from ‘Yeah, see how useless I was?’ to ‘Along came my knight in shining armour!’ to ‘Career at the highest. The world is my oyster kinda thing’. And you dare to say ‘I realised that I did not achieve much in life’?!?!?!

  2. Haih…I’m too young to do the 30 years saga meme =P And it won’t be nice modified coz I got nothing much to tell. Mwahahahha

  3. Lilian,

    How can you say that you’ve not achieved much? You’re bringing up 4 kids! I currently have a cute 6-month old, and I dare say it’s more tiring and harder to take care of her than it is to do my “prestigious” day-job where I get to sit in an air-con office all day.

  4. wow, information overload. but very interesting. but if u dun like line dancing, try more exciting hobbies like flower arrangement, embroidery, amway…

  5. aiyah….ppl do so long ago di lor! šŸ˜› oklar, not SO long ago but i waited till my birthday to do it coz i saw it on cmos blog, looked interesting so i do lor. kira like some major flashback thing lar. šŸ™‚ did it just 2 days ago. šŸ˜€

  6. yah, having 5 kids and raising them to be decent human being is a great achievement by itself. And you do have a great blog. That’s another achievement not many can realise.

  7. 30 yrs ago, i was only 5 and i broke my left arm while in so called kindergarten show / concert ? whatcamacallitagain!

    Those were the days! care free, healthy life, drink tap water, got cut, bruises or whatever and we dont even go for tetanus jab, climb fruit trees, catch our own fighting fishes, spiders, gigantic ants, rubber seed, making our own toy guns with cherry as bullets.

    Lolz! *sigh* leaving hyper age and venturing into middle age group liao. TIme does past. Aiyo! si liao lar. Am i going bald ? hm.. still trying for a kid! any tips ? anyone ? hhehehehehe

  8. Lilian,

    Your life observations keep me smiling everyday (like the invisble brake – haha). What a jewel you are and what a joy to be able to witness your stories. Thank you.

  9. Shockingly enough, you are about 4 months my senior but I may have lost out on number of kids and married much later compared with you.

    Also, you don’t have to wait until 55 to take some cash out from EPF…I took some out (account 2) recently and it was damn easy for first timer.

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