You know what I love about Malaysian Idol?

Only one person.

The cute, chubby, adorable, loveable Blue Hyppo!


Blue Hyppo, you are my man. The real man. Not an ah kua. Blue Hypoo, I love you.

Blue Hyppo, I love you because you are not fakey. You are the winner. I will vote for my idol, Blue Hyppo!

*kreakkk, pttuiii, off to switch off the TV* I would rather read copy and paste blogs than watch Malaysian Idol.

10 thoughts on “You know what I love about Malaysian Idol?

  1. Ashotiwoth – Yes, exactly! But now hor, after two songs, I think Nita is great. If she doesn’t win, then our Msians who vote must be something wrong.

  2. tho i neva watch MI, with daniel having the most sms votes last week, nita’s better use all her charms…. but after listening to her sing behind me (the tv’s behind me), it’s nita for me.

  3. Joe – Oi, this one is not Nita’s blog wokay? Or are you talking to the Blue Hyppo?

    Samm – Yeah, I also watch with my back. Her voice and those limbs. Great. If she doesn’t win, then there is only one explanation. Women hate her because she is pretty, sexy, great voice.

    ashotiwoth – My kids watch, I only listen and peek.

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