You know what piss me off?

Farkers who have no intention of donating and yet, talk cock. Scums who went real low and try to dig out past histories of other people using…… Google search engine. Assholes who have no compassion for the people who are inflicted with illness, in financial needs, in trouble or in pain etc. Miserable twats who gloated on the sufferings on others.

KNNMCB, I tried to ignore this matter but the more I think about it, the more ‘phu huey’ (naik api/anger) I am. So, let me swipe all those guilties with one galah/bamboo stick.

You see, no one is taking a knife to force you to buy one t-shirt or any item costing a miserable RM30 at most. Why the hell do you need to use Google search engine to dig out people’s ancestors and question the person.

The person is not even asking you to buy, for fark’s sake. The person is only asking for contacts to produce the items.

Do you know that you are nothing but a low life scum when you try to influence the thoughts of others? Bringing doubts to the innocents? There is a teaching from God that says something like this. If you have no intention of following God’s teachings, fair. But if you try to influence the innocents in disbelieving, then you have definitely booked your ticket to hell. No shit, this is what the Book taught.

It is not nice for anyone to curse but I hope whoever did this, will not have descendants without backside and need someone to donate money to him to dig a hole for the shit of his descendants.

We have beggars, drug addicts, conmen, disabled people, ill people etc asking us for financial help and other types of help. It is hard for us to discern if they are genuine or fake. But we can always spare that few cents in our pocket. We can also fork out a few hundred dollars sometimes. Depending on the situation.

Does it matter where the money goes to? If you are worried, don’t give. No one is forcing you with a knife. But if that look in the eyes, that ragged clothings give your heart a tug, by all means, give. Otherwise, turn away and shut up.

Whatever it is, don’t ever try to make such strong statements to hurt the needy. Don’t try to influence and make other peoples doubt.

To the person (a blogger) who was affected by this issue, I want you to know that I am in awe with your tact in handling this matter. I am twice your age but I know I will die of heartache if I face this situation. You have God’s given strength to go through what you are going through. I shall pray for you each day, dear. *hugs*

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P/S : In short, this issue is brought up not by a blogger but a forumer or else I would have revealed the person’s URL. But, this issue affects a blogger whom I met. The person made wrong accusations against this blogger based entirely on stuffs which he dig out from Google search engine (which is incorrect) and made assumptions.

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