Whee! It is a sunny day today. Been out to the grave. Nope, not that kind of grave. I actually went to the Sir Francis Light grave to take photos. It is a tourist attraction along the heritage trial. Wait I post up in my site later.

Actually hor, I ventured into the shady, spooky, huge, neglected, quiet graveyard because my kids went to the Smartforfour car showroom across the road to see Mercedes and cute, cute cars. It is damn chiqik ler because the place is so shady with almost no sunlight peeking through the old, old frangipani trees.

In the 1880s hor, all the people died very young la. Some in their teenage and the oldest are mostly in their 40s. Wah, I feel very kamtoong that these English people came here despite the hardship. Gee, I don’t know what I am babbling except that the graveyard of Sir Francis Light is so neglected, not prominent, hidden and all that. So, kesian only.

Anyway, it is Vincent’s 4th birthday today and glad that I am all perky and bubbly now! The above is a tiny ceramic figure of a cake which I bought three years ago.

Rest in peace, Sir Francis Light and all the people whose graves I took photo of. Hope you all don’t mind me dropping in. Please don’t come and kacau me tonight, ok? May your soul rest in peace and God bless. We are grateful for what you have done for our Penang state.

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