It’s proven! Women hate women.

So, my theory is proven. That all women detest beautiful women. All women will do everything to get beautiful women out of their life. All women do not want to see someone prettier, sexier, all legs on TV. And hence, a perfect Malaysian Idol was ‘assassinated’.

Aww….shucks, the Blue Hyppo is a more deserving idol.

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The BlueHyppo sobs, “The world needs macho guys like me. Why didn’t you vote for me instead of…….?”

17 thoughts on “It’s proven! Women hate women.

  1. i very rarely watch this show but sat down a few minutes just now to see who’s won, and had a very very good laugh šŸ˜€

  2. Singing is not just about the ability to reach high notes. It isn’t about “getting it right” in a technical way either. Heck, it isn’t even about connecting with the audience as the judges like to put it. A good singer needs to BE the song and connect his soul to the lyrics and melody. In that Daniel did much much better. Where Nita was superior technically, Daniel was all soul. He wins my vote.

  3. He has too many fangirls. And he works in Gurney Plaza. A good example is my friend who voted until she ran out of credit and forced others to do the same.

  4. What is wrong with someone working in Gurney plaza? I think not all celebrities started from a bed of roses.

    So I assume Daniel won then. Heh. Was watching Stomp during the results (even though I’m not an avid fan of Malaysian Idol). It’s not a surprise that he won. I think that Nita and Daniel had their own strengths and weaknesses. Nita’s abit OTT when she performs while Daniel is a wee bit dull on the stage. The thing about Daniel that makes him stand out (ignore the fact that he’s cute in all the female voters’ eyes) is the talent he has and his ability (as a chinese) to sing Malays songs without ugly slangs. Give him a credit. People can sing out of tune when they’re nervous…typical of Malaysian viewers to look at one bad point and ignore the whole season of consistent and good performances.

    Bear in mind that Malaysian Idol is more to the pop genre so Nita doesn’t really fit the criteria of an Idol. But either way, they were both good and I think they will outsell the previous idols (which I thought was ewww). I hope Nita would be smart enough to venture internationally and not just confine herself locally. I think she would be able to reach target markets similar to Anggun’s.

    I still think Daniel looks gay =P What happened to his erm..good friend? Was it Jolene or something? He always seemed to mention her name often during the early part of the season.

  5. daniel has charmed all the “leng mui chais” who comprises the majority of phone users. Nita appeals tho old man like us, who unfortunately does not like to participate in all these sms stuff.

  6. Ah Pek..Nita’s singing also appeals to me and my mom (even though I dun really like her face..abit bitchy looking)…and I’m not an old man =P

  7. somehow i think nita was a better choice. daniel’s diction isnt good but i guess it is a wise choice for him to stick to mandarin/chinese songs as he has planned. who knows, he might end up famous in HK n taiwan. šŸ˜€

  8. Haiya..nasib baik didn’t take company tickets to go see the show in Genting. Buang minyak kereta jer…Haiay..I also very sadlah. Y?!! Y?!! Come onlah..Nita vs Daniel in a singing competition. I think it’s pretty obvious who should have won.

  9. I’ve only watched a few shots of Daniel singing thanks to my friends who downloads the series here in Melb, his english is.. well, not so good, but I reckon that can be improved.. but he does look abit gay šŸ˜› his chinese songs are good though? haha.. another Nicholas Teo sorta?

  10. I thot Daniel look pretty much like a girl anyway????

    Nita is good, but she sings like she’s not happy, whereas Daniel is enjoying himself immensely. Guess whose vibes will go further with the audience.

    I personally prefer Xerra, but she got kicked out so soon.

  11. I think Daniel is good in music …i save many photo about Daniel n Nita but te most is Daniel larr…

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