Hilary Duff lost weight and I am on #2


Sometime back, I wrote about Hilary Duff lost weight under my topic, “It’s a tragedy! Hilary Duff lost her boobs.“.

Since then, I had received several hits when people search for

‘Hilary Duff lost weight.’

‘Hilary Duff skinny.’

‘Has Hilary Duff lost weight.’

and etc.

Well, I am glad I wrote that piece. Because when someone wants to find out how to get as thin as Hilary Duff, they stumbled upon my site and get an earful from 5xmom! 5xmom nags!

I AM NO. 2 ON GOOGLE search! (screenshot above) Cool, eh?

16 thoughts on “Hilary Duff lost weight and I am on #2

  1. write more boobs article lor..hehhee..seriously peeps have been implanting boobs and yet she wanna lost her boobs…reverse psychology attention maybe…

  2. hilary duff looks absolutely revolting. her bony face is all sunken in and she looks waaaay older. she should be fat again. lindsay lohan looks good skinny though

  3. hey hil!!!! know what? ur weight loss is great… but then did you ever notice that ur way too thin? nyweiz… gain a lil more pounds…. be unique… stop being a copy cat…. dont follow the trends love urself 4 hu u r….. u look freaky now… honestly…

  4. hil looks good i thought but ohwell! LOL doesnt evrygurl wana b like her? pretty skinny and going owt wit joel frm g/c!!! HELLO!!!

  5. She is way too skinny now. She actually used to look good,i dont know what shes thinking,no one can look good with a sunken in face.

  6. How can you all be so shallow…the only reason u guys say horrid stuff about wot hilary has done is because she’s a celebrity…so wot if shes lost some weight…it was her choice not yours! It doesn’t change who she is tho does it!! Just think…if one of you friends had lost a bit of weight and gone skinny or woteva…u wudnt write mean hurtfull things about him/her on the internet. i know i wudnt…theres something to think about…..

  7. She’s so pethic, she looks so skinny, you can see her boons as well. I don’t know exactly what makes her doing this. She looks ugly, there’s no face anymore to look at. Maybe it’s hard but I can’t see her standing. If she will stand in front of me I even wouldn’t see her! Ugly, thin, bitch! It’s no good for her fans as well!

  8. What the hell??? She looks like someone who’s having a eating disorder. She wasn’t fat at all. She looks in normal way thin, before. She was good enough. But some people wanna be thin…She messed up with her body, it doesn’t accept her anymore….

  9. gowdd!! she way too freaky and look much older.. hilary darling!! what happen to you? you’re not that fat though and plus i’m much go for your looks b4 rather than this latest one! gowwdd.. be your self girl, and stop being skinny! you’re totaly bony and way to olderr..

  10. I KNOW Hilary always looksSkinny, She really really looks really Creepy, Spooky and FREAKY ME OUT!!!!!! so SCARY WAY TO SCARY for me the picture of Hilary duff. Ahhh I hate her at all


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