7 thoughts on “Penangites! Wanted – room for rent.

  1. Fishtail should put one more clause : agent DO NOT call. They can’t earn much with RM250 commissions, so they will definitely exploit you, just pick one :
    – Haunted house
    – Bad neighbourhood : lots of dogs, noisy
    – Staying with bunch of illegal workers
    – Remote place where dog also don’t bother to go there to shit.
    – A pre-war stage house that will collapse anytime.
    – etc


  2. LOL, I don’t think fishtail want to live in a condo costing RM1million. Abuden, who knows…

    moo_t – You got great imaginations.

  3. i’m looking for an affordable room to let in the Gurney Drive
    preferably near the Gurney Hotel for 6 months..any one can help me?

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