Hi google, Happy Birthday to 5xmom?

I had several people gushing that they love my show and how I changed their lives. Only problem is they are talking to me, Lilian too. LOL.

And guess what someone wrote in my comment box a few minutes ago?

# sujatha Says:
September 27th, 2005 at 12:45 pm e

Hi google happy birthday to you

Sometime back, I wrote that I share the same birthday with Google. Only thing is Google is 7 years old and I am a little, teeny bit older than Google.

Today, I noticed that Google had changed their logo to seven pieces of cake and replaced the L with a 7. So, probably billions of people out there wanted to send birthday wishes to Google and come to my site to wish me instead.

Hey, you nice guys at Google! Notice me, please notice me. I am born on the same day as Google. Don’t kill my Adsense again, that’s all I ask. OMG, can you imagine what my CTR will be like? If only everyone mistaken my blog as Google’s.

*ammah….ngo duck chor lor*

(search keyword with ‘birthday with google‘ and I came out on #5!)

9 thoughts on “Hi google, Happy Birthday to 5xmom?

  1. Hi Lilian, Can give me some advice on how I should arrange my garden and add a Koi pond for the best Chi flow to make me rich?

    Thank you…


  2. O_o

    Lilian.. joey yap said that no need to buy your products to improve fengshui worh… so how now, you going to refund my money or not?

    heh. just kidding. belated happy google birthday. =D

  3. hedonistics – Last time hor, Joey Yap’s father is Lillian Too’s sifu. Now, the next generation gaduh pulak. Wrong placement of fengshui.

    Lrong – Hey, thanks.

    n305er – Go buy Damacai, Magnum 4D, Toto – 606. Remember, it is 606. Sure strike wan.

  4. Andy – TQ, I keep for next year can?

    Adam – Oi, cannot….salah di sisi agama saya. Kena sue with the other Lillian never mind. Dilaknat Tuhan, I very sked. No matter how they crap that fengshui is science. It is not. It is trying to outwit fate. Even Buddishm doesn’t allow fengshui.

    Fahshionasia – I should make the google look-alike logo and put it up. Manatau, I become more femes than Google. LOL! ‘Cos I got enuff crap here to make up a search engine. Hahaha.

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