I am going to play the PARK WARDEN

*kreakkk ptuii* Don’t like my style of writing? Fark off ‘cos I am going to play the park warden.

Just to make it merrier, I will accompany each photo with one post. And I got many, many photos.


The first one is this. The Penang Youth Park is an excellent spot for the public. During the afternoons on weekdays, you can see cute little Japanese kindergarten kids spending their time there. They are so loveable! Lining up nicely with their teachers.

But sadly, more and more swings are broken. It costs (tax-payers) money to repair. It deprives the children from some fun they deserve.

What makes me wanna kick someone ass is this mother who insisted to sit side by side with her kid, swinging along. Cibailah, you think it is happy family show meh? Your husband swinging your kid, you swing on the next swing.

..next post coming.