Now turning public watchdog

I blogged this before. Take a look at the previous photos and don’t say I pick and choose my subjects, ok? I snap what I oughta snap.


Anyway, the above couple is not Malaysians, I think. But some tourists from Indonesia.

BTW, did I tell you that my Konica-Minolta camera has 12x optical zoom with wide angle lense that can capture 2,280 pixel? And I have loads of time parking my butt at parks the whole day.

13 thoughts on “Now turning public watchdog

  1. Youth park, Chris C. The other link I gave is the Esplanade.

    Max – WLN, why in the world would I want to tiong people changing clothes leh? Haven’t you heard of webcam on the internet? šŸ˜›

  2. hmm… adult’s fetish for swings! Yup, they do like to play on swings…. (Don’t look at me weirdly, I am just merely stating what I see in pictures!

  3. aiyak…die lor liddat!! šŸ™

    i oso like to sit swings leh, but recently found out that once i get into one, my bum2 will get stuck – lesson of the day, always measure before plopping down for a swing. lol šŸ˜›

  4. Why ler? You sit on infant swings, issit?

    Yvy – You know what? The swings are meant for babies as in small, tiny, rounded ‘seat’ with chains to restrain babies from falling off. It is not even the typical swing seats. LOL. If we sit, sure must call Bomba to dislodge us. That’s how those swings broke so easily lor.

    mahagurusia – Ewws, what swings? I dunno leh.

  5. ooooooooooo…..i thot the NORMAL swing lar. šŸ˜› i like those kinds.

    if those restraining wan, then SURE die lar. die of embarassment coz SURE to get stuck FOR GOOD!! lol…

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