Guess -Which blogger has the most boobs on his blog?

Don’t cheat. Guess first.

Question : Which blogger do you think will come out tops if you do a keyword search for ‘boobs’ in Yahoo Malaysia? Note : It is Yahoo Malaysia.

A) Jeff Ooi
B) Dr. Liew
C) Hustler
D) Mack

After you make ONE choice, only ONE ok, give your reason.

Remember – no cheating. Cannot curi tengok, ok?

22 thoughts on “Guess -Which blogger has the most boobs on his blog?

  1. I guess its a toss up between doc and hustler.. vote for hustler since theres only few body parts hes interested in. LOL

  2. Hustler lah, who else?
    2nd will be Dr. Liew becos he examine them alot!
    3rd Mack, smack slap whack. Ouch!
    4th Jeff as he seldom use his zoom lens šŸ™‚

  3. the doctor lah. doctor surely see the most boobs one what.
    Hei Auntie, today in the Star In-Tech some blogger mentioned that you introduced her and her blog stats went sky high. who hah, that fellow?

  4. doc – Hahaha, that’s lesson #1 in blogging hor?

    Yvy – Surprised hor?

    hedonistic – Surprise!

    ah pek – You go stand on your hands, then read. Or you take the paper and put it behind you head and read? Or try a mirror? The link is on my sidebar.

    mahagurusia – Have you found out?

    egghead – Yeah, rewarded with real ones

    totoro – Must thank ‘techonology’

    Kuzco – Hahaha, kena trick

    Romantic – I will tell later.

  5. Eh didn’t I search becos you told me not too? Cheh, thats what I get for being to straight forward person? šŸ™ Anyway I did a search seconds ago & Iwillbedamn, I can’t believe my eyes. LOL

  6. Din – Yalor, I am re-tracing those search engines steps and I tell you, the more I do the searches, the more convinced I am about not merepeking too much.

    mahagurusia – Wah…you not dead curious meh? If me, say cannot, then, must do liao.

  7. LOL !! Like this also can ??

    The feeling right now is , like, finding a couple of porn DVD or Playboy magazine in my grandfather drawer !!!

    LOL !!

  8. kai hong – Wah, so scandalous feelings ah?

    Eliar – Actually hor, you pressed Yahoo Malaysia, then need to key in ‘boobs’. Then, somemore must click (I know, very duh). Choose ‘All the Web’ or ‘Malaysia’.

    The results : Jeff Ooi tops in #1 and #2 positions. Because some porn sites spammed his old, old 2003 postings.

    Moral of the story – Disable comments for old posts.

    Dr Liew and Mack’s blog also appeared. Mack was using Look Easy. But hor, I had the most links there.

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