Exam fever Part Two

*All characters are ficticious. They don’t exist except probably in my brain.*

In a nice neighbourhood in your typical residential area where people hang panties and underwears on their balconies to dry….

Ah Hoe Soh has two sons. Ah Piah Soh has a few sons. Exam is coming. Tension runs high for all the Ah Sahms, Ah Sohs.

Ah Hoe Soh : Aiyoh…Ah Piah Soh ah, you got buy chicken to ‘tarn’ (brew) for you son ah?

Ah Piah Soh : Huh? Now chicken flu, better don’t eat so much chicken.

AHS : No mah….what you give your son to eat? You no ‘pou’ (strenghten) your son ah? How to concentrate on his study?

APS : Oh…..small matter only la. If I so free to ‘tarn’ chicken essence, I might as well make ginseng chicken for my old man la…. (put on ‘hiao’ face, looking dreamy what thousand years old ginseng can do for the old man and self)

AHS : Wei, you got send your son to express tuition at Cikgu Abu? One month only, RM300. Cikgu Abu famous for spotting question.

APS : Frankly hor, Ah Hoe Soh, my son and I no ‘kan cheong’ (no big deal) about exam wan la. My son still everyday sembang with his girlfriends, play computer games and watching TV. Sap-sap sui only la.

AHS : Alamak, your son got girlfriend?

APS : Yamah, I make sure he learn all the living skills. He can ‘khau’ (flirt) girl thim… Somemore, he can helped me to take care of brothers and cook for me thim….

AHS : Choy…all these not important wan. Must study, get 8A1. Then, who knows, can come out in paper mah.

APS : Err..Soli hor, I got to go and cook liao.

*kreakkk ptuiii* Walk off into thin air and go blogging…..

AHS : Wait, wait, Ah Piah Soh ah, You got take ‘foo’ (talisman) for your son to ward of evil or not? Or pray that milk god? (gu leng seen)

APS : Ha!!! Talk about that. Tomorrow, your son want to come with us or not? My church has a special mass for those candidates sitting for exam. Our ‘san fu’ (Catholic priest) will conduct special prayers. Yesou…… (Jesus)

AHS : *runs* Soli, Ah Piah Soh, I heard my children calling me liao. *scrams and almost tripped over own sarong*


Ok, serious business. The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Green Lane, Penang has a special mass for PMR candidates tomorrow, Thursday 29th September at 8pm. If you have any di-di, mei-mei who are sitting for exams, do join us. I promise Ah Piah Soh won’t be there to ‘kong Yesou’ (preach). It is a special blessing prayers. Comes with electric guitar, drums and all that jazz.

9 thoughts on “Exam fever Part Two

  1. sounds like a conversation u having with other ah sohs…

    but thank god…we r not until like those koreans during exam time…
    koreans exam are known to be super chiat lak

  2. zberjnak – We are slowly falling into that vicious cycle. But hor, those are my imaginations only. I dare not step out of my home and get caught up with kiasu ah sohs. Safer to stick to my computer.

    Yvy – Yeah, the Holy Ghost is the most trusted, cun and He did not demand much, right?

  3. nerdook – Serious? Wah…die ler, the world is so small. You mean Cathedral of the Holy Spirit? Peter Tan goes there. Angie&Bart go there. You know what, this Sunday, 10am we are having a special mass where the Bishop is celebrating. Come la. I am in the church choir.

  4. oh… i never knew there’s a mass at 10. šŸ˜€ usually i go to the 7am one. wake up super early…. hehe.

    hm. sounds interesting. but then hor, im so shy. šŸ˜›

  5. LOL, poor, poor you.

    We have the sunset mass on Saturday evening at 6pm which is the Sunday mass. Usually, I attend that with my kids.

    Aiyoh, never mind la. I am in the choir robes (grey colour wan) so you definitely can’t tell which is me amongst 40 others in grey robes. We all look like the movie by Whoopi Goldberg that act as a nun one?

    Yvy – Ok, i check it out

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