Exams fever

Or rather, the lack of it.

Long time ago, before we have the PMR, it used to be LCE (Lower Certificate Examination). I think LCE was formulated by the British. Back then, if you flunked your LCE, you die.

In fact, they had an examination in Standard Six when the child was only 12 years old. If you flunked that, you would be rubber tapper, paddy planter, cows milker, fish monger, butcher, kuli carrying passengers baggage at the Penang Port. (Last time Penang WAS a free port/duty free, you know?)

During my time, if I did badly in SRP (Sijil Rendah Pelajaran), I would be a confirmed Ah Lian, living up to my real name. Selling tickets at cinema or selling minyak angin hitam (black medicinal oil) door-to-door.

So, I had to burn the midnight oil just to pass my SRP. I did pass with results which were too good for my own good. I ended up in Science Stream (where only smart asses go) eventhough I marched to the headmaster’s office to demand to be put into Sastera (Literature) Stream (where so-so students go).

Then, come SPM, I again did burn the midnight oil. But facts remain facts. I had some brain damage from birth (heh, blame it on my genes) and cannot comprehend numbers. So, I did miserably in Physics (P8), Chemistry (P7), Add Maths (F9/failed that) and barely got through my Modern Maths (C6). But did well in Biology, Geography, English and goofed up in my BM.

So, bye-bye Form Six. Back then, it was very tough to go to Form Six. Competition was keen. There aren’t any universities other than USM, UM and UPM.

Did I study? Yes, I did. On my own initiative. Did I attend tuition? Only when I was in Form Five. For Modern Maths. Only because the head prefect attended and willingly fetch me to and fro from tuition class. Were there any pressures from my mom to study? Not exactly. Hey, girls can easily marry off so why bother to study so much wor?

Looking back at my own ‘no pressure, no expectation’ style of upbringing, I also apply the same thing to my kids. Now, my #1 is going to sit for his PMR next week.

Part Two will follows…..

But meantime, if you know of any leaked papers for PMR, please psstt, psstt to me in the comment board? Hehehe.

26 thoughts on “Exams fever

  1. helo hello

    i didn’t that badly, but I didn’t do too well in my SPM..oh well. those were the days…

    but man, i had a bad time whilst at school. Nevermind.

  2. oh, i read in the papers today taht some mysterious blogger had mentioned you in the article, but the editor could not put her name for fear of her husband finding out ….blah blah. blah..

    now my mom is thinking i am wasting time blogging away…*sigh*. which is not true actually.

    She just doesn’t understand, although I may understand where she is coming from!

  3. ahaha my bro also taking pmr this year.

    poor guyyyyyy.ehehe

    now he pia like helll.akekke.padan.who ask him early early duwan study.

    but then again,ahaha,not like i din burn midnight oil.

  4. cheayee – You read my earlier post. The mysterious blogger’s ID is in the comment box.

    Haha, get your mom to blog too.

    emily – Actually, all my kids never attend tuition one leh. NVM, wait for part two.

    LF – Wow, you have really thoughtful insights.

  5. cheeaye – Oops, did the joke on ‘not letting the husband know’ really made her suspicious of blogging? OMG, I am so going to kick Lydia. LOL.

    RB – My son never pia wan. Only I sweat on his behalf. LOL.

  6. PMR only mah, sai mat giang ah (need not to worry) ! As long as can pass, then pick up in form 4 & 5 still not too late. šŸ™‚

    I also took tuition only in form 5, thank GOD i went for the tuition classes, it really helped. Not because of soalan bocor, ok ! =P

    Anyway, wish your son best of luck !! Luck is very important in PMR because those questions are objective mah. LoL …

  7. well… I more or less play and play throughout my entire study life and still managed to squeeze through… *LOL

    FYI… some “brave” dudes actually managed to steal the exam paper during my uni life… but those dudes were dumb enough to mess up the whole office while doing so… made everyone had to come back during their break to re-take the exam… damn that fella!

  8. a lot of my friends who flunked their LCE or left school after std. 6 are millionaires many times over now. they are willing to slog it out in any kind of jobs.

  9. dear lilian,
    all the best to your kid! šŸ™‚

    i am glad you are not like the other parents who think that getting all A’s is the only way to live in this world!

    there’s just so much more to life than that.

    but that doesn’t give him a reason not to try his best!

    this good students=science stream, not-so-good students=arts stream; only happens in Malaysia. i think. it’s quite ridiculous really, but that’s how it is!

  10. rayhana – I agree on the good students – science scteam, “below-average” students – arts stream bit…
    I had the worst time of my school life ploughing through Physics/Chemistry/Add. Math, etc. when all I wanted… were the artsy stuff.

    That was Form 4.

    Moved over to NZ after that… and had a blast with my artsy subjects! And was much happier in school as well. Funnily enough, I’m doing a science-y course in Uni right now.

    Lilian – good luck to your son! šŸ™‚ I’ve realised how much one can do without tuition (tuition is all about socialising!) … and less pressure from people all around definitely makes for a better and more motivating environment to study and do well!

    P.S.: Not that my PMR results are anything to be extremely proud of (and not that it’s of any use right now)…

  11. i start tuition since standard one until form five…
    no stop…
    i tuition multiple places….
    bm, english, maths, science subjects and even chinese

    no…i didnt do well in exam…i just a so-so
    parents are good…also never pressured me..never forced…all the tuition i told them i wanted to attend…

    conclusion, tuition doesnt guarantee A’s…is just perhaps tuition could help better because teacher at school may b not explaining it properly …or etc etc

  12. *so-so student commenting now* šŸ˜›

    you reminded me of my times too, actually hor….i really pity the kids these days. compared to your time n my time n THEIR time now, wah….i think it’s VERY taxing for them. the ‘standard’ n expectations so high. EVERY single subject got tuition – even arts oso got! yioh….if u cant draw, u cant lar – tuition can help u to become more artistic meh? cheh…i oso took tuition for SPM, that oso coz i am bad in maths. (thats why i hate numbers – thank goodness i passed!!)

  13. I recall once upon a time, when Malaysia still “poor”, the school force the students to retain the same class if they fail in final year exam. So even “not so bright” student can really catch up if he/she retain the same class one more time(please substract the factor of “laziness”).

    In fact, most “final year exam”, is fixed for the “bright” student. What make thing worst is, the old time dumb dumb parents think retain class is a sign to show their children are stupid.

    Now the edu system become worst, instead of fixing the issue of helping those “not so bright”, those smart-alecks just force promoting all the children to next standard, don’t care whether they are ready or not.

  14. pmr sup sup sui lah…

    close both eyes, tie hands up, stuff into a gunny sack and toss into the sea also can score all A’s lah.

    just like me. but without the torture, of course. i was a real slacker, though.

    pity i couldn’t replicate my brilliance for spm. rofl! =D

  15. Hmmm…i think it is the “addicted to blogging” and “nothing else but blogging” that makes my parents wary.

    My mother did the same thng when I was younger and started a diary. She even read my diary and banned me from writing in a diary coz she said it was a waste of time….

    *hmmmM* i wonder why didn’t she say anything when the cheque from my publishers came in just a few days ago, eh?

  16. i’m looking 4 math sejarah n khb paper pmr 2009 ,
    if anyone have the paper,
    juz kol me,
    my name is affan..
    have a nice day..

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