So who is looking for girls boobs?

I am a very neat and tidy person. There is no clutter on my computer. So, when I found ‘girls boobs’ in my google search box, I knew right away who is the culprit.

Very easy to know because:
1) Atm is not likely to search for girls boobs. He would probably go for something more hardcore. Like Magnum 4D, Da Ma Cai, EPL results.

2) Older two kids never use my computer.

3) So, I know who.

The guilty one pretended and acted innocent. Fine. I am not going to pry it out of him and let him scoot off so easily. We went to church that evening.

Then, brother and I ladida about God knows everything. We purposely made the guilty party guiltier. We talked about St. Peter questioning people at the pearly gates.

St. Peter says, “Aha….let me check my book. This book says that you had searched for girls boobs on the internet when you were eight years old. Your mother asked and you pretended not to know anything. Two big sins, one is lying to your mother, the other is peeking at girls boobs. Off you go. Take that escalator that goes DOWN.”

Did he confess? Nope. But he gave a scary grin. I told him that God equips me, the mother who knows-all, to know everything and he can’t escape. Is he going to do that again? I suppose so. But not in the near future, I hope.

The moral of the story : You can never shield your kids from pornography. So, might as well take it out in the open. And I asked him, what is so interesting about girls boobs, huh? Huh? Huh?

You tell me.

31 thoughts on “So who is looking for girls boobs?

  1. Boys will always be will always be men….they love boobies from the day they were born until the day they grow old next to the saggy boobs of their wife (not wives)

  2. yalah…..i agree with kiasi. Are u sure you’re not the one looking for the boobs?!!!! u did im sure u did….if not how u know the answer to your previous post!!?

  3. He seems fairly normal. Boys should be fairly inquisitive about the world at the age of 8 years old.

    Although, shouldn’t boys be girl haters at that age? I know I was.

  4. omg don’t question lah. let him learn on his own. it’s free sex edu yo! plus he had the initiative to learn samore. that’s commendable šŸ˜›

  5. Womens bossums can be divided into categories of fruit, adjectives or whatever the term is to describe perky and several other things guys talk about that the ladies do not know.

    Ask him to start searching for milfs instead of boobs. LoL!

  6. Wat’s so interesting ah? Errmm, never seen one openly ma. All tutop kedai one. Guess he want to know how it looks like, the sizes – like papaya or durian, the shape, y only female got, etc. Curious maaaaaaa

  7. 5xmom must’ve forget the previous blog “Guess -Which blogger has the most boobs on his blog?”. I think THAT provoke the teen curiousity šŸ˜‰

  8. aunty if you search for it and use “i’m feeling lucky” , no pictures of boobs at all ! it will bring u to someone else’s blog heheh

  9. Aiyoh….the poor guy was probably searching for “girl’s books” okay? Anybody can make a spelling error! Nabeh…

  10. *SMACKS JxT2J* Don’t give him ideas, wei.

    Viewtru – Yahor…spell wrongly hor.

    Kuzco – tks for the tips

    moot – Nolah, actually this post I wrote a few days ago liao. Long before I ‘venture’. It’s just that I did not publish it earlier.

    Dizzy – That means biology lessons only la?

    Danny – Want me to kill you ah? *ish*

    Wu Ching – Don’t remind me, please. LOL.

    totoro & kiasi – This happened a while liao. Just that I did not publish this post earlier.

    bawangmerah – That’s right! Moms got sixth sense one.

    Samm – Yalor, this is the only kid which I did not manage to bf lor. Maybe that’s why hor?

  11. JxT – Next time when you become father time, see you can still commend or not? Cold sweats leh.

    n305er – Yahor, maybe he keeps a secret blog hor?

    Wan – Nowadays, these Nickleodeon etc brainwashed the kids already. Asking 8 yrs old on Tv – Do you know how it feels to be in love? I am seriously contemplating unsubscribing Astro cartoon channels.

    ah pek – Maybe also, looking for milk. Find a cow lah.

    hedonistic – Yahor, should be thankful. LOL.

    Fashionasia – Not my fault, I swear!

    S-Kay – Yalor, human instinct, no?

    nebo – It is very challenging to bring up kids nowadays la. Too much outside influence so parents have to keep up and be open about it.

    boo – It is tough because the seemingly innocent programmes also have all these suggestive ideas. So, they get very curious.

    plinky – Heard you loud and clear.

    n305er – Don’t tell, I don’t want to know.

  12. I think parents should be opened about sex with their children.. okay lar, i think for an 8-year-old, talking about boobies would just be the borderline. My point is that as they grow older, you have to be more open about the subject more and more. My parents never set boundries for me, I even teased my mum sometimes on how she should use it against my dad.. LOL..

  13. I think it is the age.. lilian.. šŸ™‚
    i remember talking with someone .. many thousands years ago.. that this kid so curious.. about boobies.. that he peep at his sisters when they were sleeping. But he was quite nonchanlant about it… and he said.. can you blame him.. all his hormones are going haywire at this age. And you have to remember.. this was thousand years ago.. where sexs and boobies weren’t openly discussed.. not like now.. where parents are more well educated.. and more in tune with their kids feelings and parents who knows much much more now. šŸ™‚
    So ya.. all in the age.. i guess. šŸ™‚

  14. That’s right.. you can shield ALL you want, at the end of the day, your kids will decide if he or she gets to see it or not.

    Unless.. he/she turns out to be a friend of mine who goes “Donwan la.. later my mumm scold me” when he was at the age of 17 šŸ™‚

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