7 things that scare the shit outta me

Oh well, another meme. Never mind, at least I know someone knows I exist so she gave me this meme.

First, confession. I am not going to do the food meme given by boolicious because I don’t have nice-nice pics to go with them. I am not going to do the shoe meme given by fashionasia because I can cry because I no longer get to own nice nice shoes because I married a man many inches shorter than me and I can’t wear high heels anymore so if I do the meme, I may kill myself because I don’t have any branded killer heels to boast. And I so wanna wear 3-4 inches high heels like when I was working! *sobz* A Jimmy Choo, preferably.

I apologised to Centerpide that I will not do the “I am that blogger” because I yakked too much on my blog and I don’t wanna people to read me like a book. Thanks for understanding, Centerpide! ‘Cos probably one day some disgruntled asshole may judged me with those past histories.

So, here is the ‘Another 7 things meme‘. WhodaF start it huh? Must be ReallyBites.

7 things that scares me

1) Maggots, worms, tiny crawlies (eek, my hairs are standing on ends now!). If anyone offers me USD1 million in Fear Factor to do that shitty stunt, I would forego the USD 1 million. Even if it comes free with some Hollywood hunk.

2) Shit (unless these are my kids or mine). True eh. Ever stepped on dog shit? Ever been to dirty toilets? I would rather throw away a good pair of new shoes than to clean dog shit. I would rather shit by the roadside or in the bushes than go into dirty toilets.

3) Closed spaces. I simply hate museums, rides that have to put me into small spaces and next time, please throw my body into the sea without a coffin. Wanna kill self. I skipped going to the Louvre in Paris because I hate museums. How can I forgive myself? Da Vinci Code, man! And I puked all the way from Paris to Milan in a small, tiny train carriage because I can’t stand small spaces. (Imagine KTM senandung malam sleeping barrack) I also can feel nauseous sitting in that silly ‘helicopter’ in PetroSains.

4) Women. True. I don’t like women, including myself. We are too temperamental. But top of the list, above creepy crawlies, I hate PMS-ing women.

5) Horror movies. Nay…I do not believe in ghosts but I damn sked of horror movies where ghost leapt out of nowhere with the speaker blasting. Cibai, I hope all those who produce horror movies will die of heart attack due to frights.

6) Losing my self esteem, self worth, self confidence, pride, arrogance, identity, principles, conscience. Nay…it is not likely. Pttuii.

7) Someone else stinky feet. Arrgghh…I can die, I tell ya.

7 things I like

1) Myself

2) Myself

3) My guts

4) My forgiving heart

5) Myself

6) My wonderful self

7) Super expensive chocolates

7 random facts about me

1) I get annoyed easily

2) I forgive easily

3) BUT…..once you failed me, you are history. If you are lying dead by the roadside, I will save you with my own life but in between, you are outta my life, permanently. Say for eg. you have your period suddenly without a pad, I will not lend you one. *evil*

4) I don’t believe in the word ‘sorry’ because no one is supposed to make mistakes, especially not to me

5) I am selfish but selfless at the same time

6) I am arrogant but I care too much

7) I rule the world with my own set of rules

7 important things in my bedroom

1) Bolster

2) Blanket

3) Pillow

4) Bible

5) *aiks* thrashy novels

6) My ear digger. *Kids, don’t try this at home. Only professionals like me can use*

7) My baby!

7 things I can’t do

1) Scold people with real words like fcuk, CNN, CCB eventhough I really wish I can do so with style. *heheheh*

2) Maths. I can’t even help the sundry shop owner to add up 80 cents plus 50 cents without secretly using my fingers to count.

3) Pretend. If I don’t like someone, I prefer not to talk or smile.

4) Bitch slap. Oh how I wish I know how to slap people who annoys me.

5) Control myself not to blog.

6) Keep hateful and revengeful feelings inside me. (Thank God for that or else…)

7) Houseworks. I sucks. And this is probably the only thing I sucks. Because I was the pampered youngest child whom got older sisters to do for me.

Seven people I am going to tag….

Nolah, I dare not tag people because usually they are not sporting wan. Never take up my tags. But if you feel like doing this, please trackback your URL.

12 thoughts on “7 things that scare the shit outta me

  1. Only with my fingers la. Otherwise, next time you and I we meet up and try it out? When is the Penang gatherings? We make that our agenda?

  2. The thing that scare the shit out of me is the sight of a police patrol car in my rear view mirror. Well, the other is a letter from the Income Tax Dept.

  3. “4) I don’t believe in the word ‘sorry’ because no one is supposed to make mistakes, especially not to me”

    Love this one..!

  4. hehe..u dun have to do the meme……
    i normally dont do meme’s either…unless its fashion related. 😉

    things that scares me……… BO!!! stinky BO esp when you’re like 3 inches apart and nowhere to run?!! (think LRT/KTM during “after” office rush hour)EEEEEEEkkkkkssss

  5. humblewarrior – No leh, I am not God so whether I wish or not, makes no different. I’d rather use my two hands, two legs and my brain and heart to DO instead. Definitely, I don’t wish for people to get into car accidents simply because they flame me. LOL!

    RB – Tenkiu, you will be there hor?

    Fashionasia – Phew…thanks that I don’t need to reflect on the state of my shoes. *sobs*

    mx – It was a pleasure doing it.

    egghead – Dun get which part you are referring to leh.

    juei – Tenkiu

    Big BoK – Yeah, I got someone who gets what I mean.

    fishtail -I am spared of that because I can charm or act pity to get out of the grasp of the pulismen. Next time I blog it.

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