ROTFLMAO! Chinese surf naked?

Kuzco hinted. I check it out and one link leads to another, I stumble upon this from

According to the U.K. Register, “20,000 Chinese regularly log on to chat rooms completely stark bollock naked.”

Since, on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog in the buff, this doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. But wait: these 20,000 bare-skinned Chinese surfers (the article doesn’t explain how the number was determined) are actual exhibitionists, with webcams and dirty minds.

LOL! These Chinese they referred to are Chinese in Mainland China. And further, they mentioned :

Anyway, Wired columnist Regina Lynn is not convinced that China ought to crack down on online cracks. She points out that China has 15 million more males than females between the ages of 5 and 20. For every 100 Chinese baby girls, there are almost 120 baby boys.

Now that explains why a chunky Furong Jie-Jie can get so famous in China. There is a females shortage in China! Even an overgrown pig can be sexually attractive. Or maybe, like Viewtru suggested. A goat also can do. So, what are you all waiting for, girls? Go to China! NOW, NOW, NOW!

Meantime, I am going to learn Mandarin and blog in Chinese for the 15 millions males. Wahlau eh, imagine each of them giving me USD3 cents ad sense clicks enough. I will be rich!

So, how? Think I can take over Furong Jie Jie now that she sudah closed shop? My name is already Lotus (she is called Sister Lotus too). I just need to contort my body to letter ‘S’. ‘S’ as in siao.

13 thoughts on “ROTFLMAO! Chinese surf naked?

  1. i think u can call yourself furong mei mei, you’ll b even more famous then jie jie! c’mon, bend that back of yours, careful don’t break it!

  2. and we malaysian chinese are still surfing while fully clothed?! what a travesty!!! i can imagine some bloggers start taking off their clothes at 11am in the office…

  3. Blergh…if you see a pretty Chinese girl in China, most prolly 3/4 of her face has been ‘modified’. Even guys do plastic surgeries there. OMG!

  4. sexymama – I already put disclaimer liao. S is for siao. Siao!

    S-Kay – They even break their own bones to get taller! Sick.

    Max – Ewws…pls don’t surf to 5xmom!

    Chewxy – Use a leaf?

    simon – Don’t get notty thoughts, ok?

    Wu Ching – Letter C can la.

    apek – Ah choo!

    sapiens – And 20,000 Chinese are doing them. I guess there is a good market for webcam there. Plus you can open a photoshopping shop. Sure good biz.

  5. I used to surf the Internet at home without my shirt on. Since the launch of Furongjiejie’s website, I’ve started to wear jackets and sweaters and trackpants and socks and shoes and… (etc)

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